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Best wishes, Belinda

Ms. Stronach is battling breast cancer, its been revealed – a fight she’s had privately apparently for the past couple of months.

My personal best wishes and prayers go out to her.


3 comments to Best wishes, Belinda

  • I always admired her for  being strait arrow… and could make a  noncompromaising  decision when  she was at crossroads…  a woman of THIS age     … hope she will  have full recovery  .
    We need  people like her  very much.

  • Slg

    Best wishes for a full and permanent recovery.  I think of all the partisan CPC trolls constantly attacking her – most recently for her absence in the HofC.  I wonder if they even feel one bit of remorse or guilt.


  • foottothefire

    I love Belinda!  She scares hell out most men and absolutely intimidates insecure women.  Belinda is a Canadian icon.  Here's my cheer for her and the battle ahead.  (We can all do our little part to help 'the fight' with a donation to CCS, too.) 

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