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White House to close Guantanamo? I’ll believe it when they do it.

Why would I be so pessimistic at not believing George Bush? Well, he and his administration have a pattern of saying or hinting they’d do this, and then turning around and denying it.

Examples? Let’s start with June of 2005. The Washington Post says there is a concerted effort by the US Admin to close Guantanamo down; a week later, Darth Cheney denies it. Next comes June 2006. The President says in a Press Conference that he would “like to close Guantanamo”; 2 weeks later the White House Press Secretary hemmed and hawed and says, well… not really. And now, what do you know… it’s June 2007, and what do we have here? First a statement from “sources” saying the White House is nearing a decision to close Guantanamo, and a couple of days later, the White House denies it.

As we can see, the pattern is apparently that June is the date every year that the WH hints at closing down Gitmo, then denies they ever were thinking about it. Believe it when they do it.

(H/T to Kagro X at Daily Kos for showing people not to get their hopes up too high at this human rights blot closing anytime soon).


2 comments to White House to close Guantanamo? I’ll believe it when they do it.

  • You're right on with this assessment.  This is to get the beltway out on television talking about it, and therefore giving people the impression that there's even a shred of humanity to be found in the WH.

  • foottothefire

    Could this be the wheels of justice grinding slowly?  Could it be they'd grind bones to dust of those so deserving?  Is it likely?  Then, wouldn't you know, I recall "he" stacked the courts with buddies; so much for high mindedness.

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