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Another reason to sack O’Connor as Defence Minister

If you really need another reason, here’s more evidence of poor lack of judgment; he thought ex-Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld was doing a bang-up job and was showing leadership.

Seriously, I’d like to know what O’Connor has on Harper, because this guy would have been shuffled out long ago in any other Cabinet in any other government, regardless of what party was in power, due to his incompetence.  Perhaps Harper is too stubborn to admit he made a mistake.

(H/T to Diva Rachel)


1 comment to Another reason to sack O’Connor as Defence Minister

  • The answer is  somewhere they are Close  Associates in the Arms Shopping business..  both of them mules when it Comes admitting any wrongs..  it is Charcter  thing and somewhat a  trait in Being Old Conservatives generally  they puff themself up like some frogs when attacked….and won't move … terrible  traits in a leader

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