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Conservatives plunge in BC: poll

Here’s one of the reasons we’re not having an election anytime soon, Conservative support is cratering in areas they need to increase support in if they want a majority government, or even to just hang on to power. BC is no exception:

Federal Tory policies on the environment and Afghanistan have cost the party support in British Columbia..The Tories have 33 per cent support compared with 29 per cent for the NDP and 28 per cent for the Liberals, according to the survey of 852 B.C. adults conducted by Mustel Group Market Research, and released yesterday. Liberal support has been stable since the last Mustel survey, conducted in March, but NDP support appears to have increased nine points. In March, the Tories were at 40 per cent support.

When we compare that to what the results were in BC in the Federal election of 2006, you see they are below the percentage levels they had at that time, while the Liberal and NDP vote are remarkably similar to the percentage they had back then. It would not be going out on a limb to say the Tories likely lose a few seats with their current polling numbers.

I will go further and say that if Harper and company decide to concede even more ground to the US in its demands for further concessions on Canadian softwood lumber, against the wishes of the BC forest industry it appears, you will see those numbers crater even more, and a Conservative Party decal on a NASCAR vehicle won’t save them.

(H/T to Steve for the original poll)


1 comment to Conservatives plunge in BC: poll

  • Frank Frink

    Same comment that I left at Far and Wide

    Can expect that pockets of the Fraser Valley, Thompson-Okanagan, Central Interior and the Peace (it's 'almost Alberta') will remain CPC.

    One certainty. Vancouver-Kingsway will not be electing a CPC candidate. What remains to be seen is if that riding swings back to the NDP. Ian Waddell held it for a number of years.

    With Stephen Owen stepping down Vancouver-Quadra remains a question mark. They likely won't go NDP but will it stay Liberal or go CPC?

    Hedy Fry could be vulnerable in Vancouver-Centre. Largely depends on who the NDP may choose to run there this time around. Having Svend Robinson as their candidate in 2006 was a major gaffe. They would have done much better with Tim Stevenson. I also hear that the Greens plan to have Adrienne Carr as their candidate in VanCentre. She could take some votes from both the Liberals and NDP.

    Southern Interior and the Kootenays? Your guess is as good as mine.

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