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An attempt at a gotcha moment – for what?

Stephen Taylor must be having trouble to find stuff to blog about. His latest blog-column attempts a “gotcha moment” to claim Garth over-exaggerated the # of viewers Garth has had of his Mptv videos. Garth rebuts with a column here that says Taylor missed the relevant download numbers and only took a look at the page-views. While I can understand Garth’s desire to show Stephen is incorrect with his inferences that Turner is stretching the truth, I am sure Stephen will be pleased to see the rebuttal in the sense it gives him more publicity – something he embraces, which is usually given to him by the media even as he attacks them at the same time. It’s been Stephen’s “shtick” since I’ve observed his blogging, and its one of the more oxymoronic things I’ve witnessed, though in this case, the publicity comes from an MP, not a journalist.

Anyhow, I’m not sure what this column and attempt at a gotcha moment of Stephen’s is supposed to prove in the grander scheme of things, other then it shows that Garth continues to be obsessed over by certain members of the Blogging Tory group. I mean, I haven’t seen any of the Liberal bloggers obsessing this much over Emerson or Khan’s defections; what blogging there was of them has long ago ceased, and in both their cases, they jumped straight to the Conservatives, unlike Garth who sat as an independent first and THEN became a Liberal.

Apparently that’s still a sin over in Blogging Tory land, because it’s strange to me they pay so much attention to an MP from Halton. Perhaps they view his efforts to reach out to voters with his blog and the videos – and acting like a blogger does – as a threat to their efforts to spread the Conservative gospel, or it’s just that they can’t brook dissent of their Dear Leader and will do anything and everything in their power to discredit and destroy those who dare challenge Deceivin’ Stephen.

UPDATE: I see from Jason’s site that Stephen T. is now reporting that Conservative staffers are able to use Facebook again. What a relief. And of course, this move was lauded by Stephen, just as the original ban was lauded. The Conservatives can do no wrong! (Jason’s post and mine were not coordinated, by the way).


3 comments to An attempt at a gotcha moment – for what?

  • If he's such a windbag as you claim, then your best method would be to ignore him. .. but yet, you Blogging Tory folks can't help yourselves but to go at him with something bordering on pathological hatred, as your own site – inactive since May, which by the looks of it is a blessing for the rest of the blogging world – and your venomous comments here proves.

    Thanks for proving my point … you may now go crawl back under the rock you came from.

  • Scott.

    I'm sure you are a little more jiggy with the dynamics of this than you claim…but I will clarify for the edification of your reader.

    Turner is a blovated, narscistic, windbag.  Something akin to a 300 foot flagpole in the midst of a prarie thunderstorm.  It naturally attracts heat.

    As such, he's prone to Kinsellaitis….An intrinsic  motivation to exagerate one's own importance and intelligence.

    Us common folk often refer to this phenemenon as bullshit.


    Good to hear that you and Cherniak are not coordinated.  That would be way creepy.

  • Not like there are too many liberal MP's online to take pot shots at really.:^)

    I think Stephen Taylor actually raises a reasonable point. 

    The number of people viewing MPtv does not diminish the quality and validity of MPtv.

    Having said that, numbers are easily verified, and it would be good if the public had accurate ones. If Mr. Turner wasn't aware of how many people view MPtv, or how many people access his blog, his staff can  let him know and let his readers know.  When a reporter asks, if they don't dig up the numbers themselves, then The Turner Report web admin can provide them.

    Saves watching gotcha. 


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