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Clinton’s logic on why the US needs universal healthcare: ‘we are losing jobs to Canada’

Now this is interesting; apparently the US is losing jobs to Canada because of our better health-care system, or so says US Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, in a turning of the tables, as its usually us complaining about losing jobs to the US for a myriad of reasons:

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton told a union audience yesterday that “high value” American jobs are going to Canada because lower health-care costs north of the border have become such a competitive advantage. The New York senator said the U.S. has to get its health-care costs under control or continue to see jobs flee north… Clinton specifically cited the closing at the end of this year of the Ford assembly plant at Wixom, Mich., which is moving to St. Thomas, Ont. “We’ve got to get those health-care costs under control because that’s one of the excuses people use for moving jobs,” she said.

Buzz Hargrove for some reason felt he had to offer a rebuttal by saying we were losing jobs up here too, due to overseas imports. I see Buzz’s logic in saying that, but I’m not sure why he felt compelled to want to point out Clinton’s apparent wrong reasoning. Clinton was making this point to try and advocate a universal health care system in the US, not because she was arguing for closing the border to Canadian-built cars or any other such trade issue. Her last effort at universality failed as First Lady in 1994, so she’s making a different stab at it for a different reason, feeling the loss-of-jobs argument might resonate better.

Buzz’s statement makes it look like he doesn’t want universal health care down there because it might stem the flow of jobs from the US to Canada; that’s probably not the case, but I think his releasing a statement trying to attack Clinton’s logic was unnecessary. IF Hilary can get elected as nominee, get elected, and bring in universal health-care, or a version close to it, more power to her. Its a bit of a disgrace that the richest nation on earth has 45 million uninsured Americans who risk losing everything if they get seriously ill.

UPDATE: My admonishment to Buzz extends to the McGuinty government in Ontario and Greg Sorbara.  I don’t see the point of saying this when it has little to do with Canada and more to do with extending an argument for why the US needs universal health-care.

(H/T to Woman At Mile 0)


7 comments to Clinton’s logic on why the US needs universal healthcare: ‘we are losing jobs to Canada’

  • Although I am a strong supporter of universal health care, the set up costs are high and until the US can balance its budget, it will be difficult to create any new programs.  Here in Canada, thankfully due to the Liberals past fiscal leadership, we have a large surplus and can create new programs or expand existing ones.  In addition, I am not sure most Americans want universal health care as Americans unlike Canadians generally have a strong mistrust of government and even if more government involvement will improve their lives, they often oppose it.  Canadians don't love big government, but believe in government intervention when it is necessary for the common good, whereas Americans often seem to dislike government intervention regardless of the reason.

  • mushroom

    Hillary is pandering to the union vote.  She is the Democratic candidate LEAST likely to bring in universal health care.

    She wants to revive her health care plan, which is to force HMOs into extending coverage.  You don't get HMO coverage anyway at the lower income level, unless you have a union job.  So most wetbacks are out of the equation 🙁
    Of course, Sorbara needs to recognize that the US is losing jobs to Canada because the wages in Ontario is a pittance compared to Michigan.  Michigan has a minimum wage of $10.90 US, Ontario is at $8.00 and will go to $10.25 in 2011.


  • Sorbara didn't actually reference Hillary's comment though rather stated that manufacturing jobs continue to be lost causing deep concerns.

  • ALW

    Come on, Scott. Are you saying you're surprised that Buzz Hargrove has attacked someone or something purely to pander to the narrow segment of the population he represents?  He'll support separatists over conservatives, he'll attack environmentalists when he thinks it'll cause a single job loss, etc etc.  He is the ultimate example of the special interest group: he will screw over any ally, and he really doesn't care about the effects of his rants on the other 95% of us in Canada, let alone in another country.

    A lot of Canadian politicians might, ideologically speaking, like to see the US have universal health care.  But they certainly don't want the US to potentially 'steal jobs', and to them, that's what matters more.

  • The high dollar is the wild card in this issue.  It's possible she's quite right but its difficult to determine with the high dollar factor.

  • Agreed Scott.  Hargrove does seem to have taken her statements as a negative rather than a positive comment on our health care system.  I see it more as a compliment.

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