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A change of nickname for Harper perhaps?

If things progress as mentioned in this story and the government decides to cave in to US demands for more concessions on Canadian softwood lumber, I may have to change my nickname for Harper from “Deceivin’ Stephen” to “Sellout Stephen”

This was predicted by many analysts when this sellout.. er.. deal.. first came to be.. and they are being proven correct. I would not be surprised at all to see the government go against the wishes of the BC forest industry and to concede even more ground to the Americans, all on the basis of keeping close ties to Harper’s American Idol.

(H/T to The Jurist)


3 comments to A change of nickname for Harper perhaps?

  • slg

    Stephen Harper is not a leader.  Stephen Harper can't "stand up to" the U.S and can't "stand up for" Canada.

    Stephen Harper is weak and easily bought.  Stephen Harper is not a leader.

  • foottothefire

    There are few Canadians who still believe the signing of a lumber agreement with the US  after a mere 3 months in office was anything more than an attempt at self-engrandisment on  Harper's part.  Harper and company don't care for the fallout from that agreement but negative fallout seems to be the unshakeable record of  Conservative initiatives during their single year in office.
    Perhaps the Conservative record can be summed up by the word competence; Harperco seems to have none.
    As for the US and lumber; if they want to have a small special interest group set the rules for their entire country, let them eat cake.  It's long past the time Canada poured money into a secondary and tertiary lumber industry to take advantage of value added manufacturing.  The notion Conservatives promote is Canada can't do anything without the US.  Tell that to Chavez. 

  • The government should have taken a stronger stance on the softwood lumber issue all along. The US was clearly in the wrong from the beginning, and making too many concessions has just emboldened US interests to push for more.    It’s strange, though, that Harper has been talking so tough on agricultural trade with the US, while at the same time quietly rolling over on softwood.

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