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My 15 seconds of fame (or not).

I received an interesting email from someone purporting to be from the Hill Times this morning asking if I would do an interview over the phone with them for a story they are writing on. After confirming it was indeed a Hill Times staffer, I did about a 10 minute interview with him asking me some questions. I gave him the names of 3 other bloggers who might be able to add more to the topic, so it will be interesting to see how much of my ramblings get in to this story (if any). I’m sure the other 3 bloggers if they were got ahold of will be a lot more insightful.

Anyhow, the story in question they hope to have in next Monday’s edition (they only publish once a week). I won’t give it away yet, except to say its indirectly related to the Bourque story of him being sponsored, but very indirectly, and its actually a topic we’ve discussed before at Prog Blog.  That’s your only clues till the story actually gets published.


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