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Monday Bits and Bites

There already have been a lot of blog-postings looking at the Tories strategy of trying to appeal to NASCAR fans as well as the fact they sponsored Pierre Bourque’s car. My angle on this is that I have to take issue with Diane Finley’s comical little statement on the matter about how NASCAR people are the Conservatives “kind of people, and that “they’re hard-working families, they’re taxpayers who play by the rules”.

This is of course is a message (implied or otherwise) that the Conservatives are trying to spread: there are 2 types of Canadians – those who don’t like NASCAR (who are elitists that sip Starbucks coffee and who don’t work very hard or are unemployed) and those that love NASCAR (who are “normal”, who have jobs, and who the Conservative Party of Canada relate to). Another repeat of the Bush strategy, that the Conservatives have been attempting to employ of late.

It’s interesting to me to see Finley found time in her busy schedule to comment on NASCAR and Tory marketing strategy, when she’s virtually been invisible on the Caledonia standoff in her own riding. I might remind everyone that the Liberal candidate to replace Finley in the next election is Dr. Eric Hoskins, the president of War Child Canada who holds a long list of Canadian and international awards/honours, including The Order of Canada, the Meritorious Service Cross, and the United Nations Lester B. Pearson Peace Medal.

That’s the type of MP I would want in Parliament, someone who’s actually gone out into the world and tried to help solve a crisis, or at least alleviate it, not someone who disappears from a crisis and reappears only to mouth platitudes about NASCAR racing.

UPDATE: Mark Watton has a short but devestating take on Canada’s new “sponsorship” scandal.


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  • Whooee! I hadn't seen Diane's statement. Thanks fer sharin'. She's my MP, as you know. I saw her name in the mornin' paper wrt the Immigration Refugee Board. When the Cons took over, there was no backlog. Now, they're understaffed by 33% and have a backlog of about 3500 refugee claimants. Diane wouldn't comment on this issue which falls squarely under her responsibility. That she would bother to comment on the NASCAR stupidity and clam up re IRB troubles is just another example of the incompetence of the Cons.

    NASCAR vehicles get 2-5 MPG. They're so unenlightened that they only started using unleaded fuel this year. Up until now, NASCAR race-goers have been breathing in lead. In case they hadn't heard, lead ingestion's main affect on the human body is to cause brain damage. Especially, in the case of children. You know, "children" as in "family members". Great family values there, NASCAR.

    This is a new sponsorship scandal. The scandalous part is the ignorance on the part of the CPC. How far out of touch with Canadian values can these anti-Earthers get?


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