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Prog Blog multiple get-togethers announced. Date to be determined by affiliates

Just a repeat of the announcement at Progressive Bloggers for those who dont visit the frontpage there too often. We’ve decided there is enough interest for multiple meetings, so I’ve decided we’re going to try a meeting in Toronto/GTA one week, and a meeting in Ottawa another week…. mainly because some have even expressed interest in going to both (and I wouldn’t mind it either, to try and meet as many people as I can).

All we need to do is figure out what weekend works for the most people.. so the Prog Blog poll question asks that, so if you’re a member of Prog.. go vote on it 🙂 (you dont have to be logged in to vote).

If you have ideas on what we could do in Ottawa – be it a BBQ or going out to a pub (or both), feel free to leave suggestions at the diary at Prog.. or here.. or at the Facebook group if you’re a member there. In Toronto I have a couple of people volunteering to use their backyard for a BBQ.. so I think we’ll have that covered.

Our affiliate in Victoria BC – Woman At Mile 0 – believes she can organize something out there for the Left Coast folks.. and we’ve had interest from the Vancouver/Victoria BC chapter of the Prog Blog affiliates, so we’ll work on places/dates for that as well.

Albertan bloggers have expressed interest in meeting up as well, and Dan Arnold of Calgary Grit has offered to meet in a good Calgary pub if there are enough people to come.

Last but not least, Saskboy our Prog Blog webmaster has offered to help with a Saskatchewan Prog Blog affiliate get-together again contingent on interest.. so we’ll see how our best-laid plans work out. If you’re interested in attending one of these or some of these as an affiliate, please let me know. We will also be inviting special guests there as well; some non-Prog Blog bloggers who are nevertheless prominent in the blogging community, as well as some surprise guests I wont announce just yet till I can confirm they’re able to attend.


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