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Something you dont see every day

That would be myself agreeing with Chantal Hebert and what she wrote in her op-ed piece today in the Star. The Liberal Senate should allow the Budget to pass, because not doing so gives the Conservatives fresh ammunition that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

If individual Senators from the Atlantic provinces want to dissent by voting against, then by all means, but the Senate Liberal leadership should make sure enough Liberal senators abstain or such to ensure it gets through. The Conservatives have taken a pounding on the Budget, and if the Liberals in the Senate were to defeat it, it would set up a way for them to deflect attention away from that and go at the “unelected Senate thwarting the will of the House of Commons” angle.

The attack ads against Dion over the Senate reform seems to have largely been ineffective ; taking the action of defeating a Budget in the Red Chamber might revive that line of attack. No need to throw the Conservatives a lifeline over this – take the victories we have and use them to fight at another time of our choosing (namely, an election campaign).


4 comments to Something you dont see every day

  • ALW

    I love how every consideration is given to the political optics of stalling the budget, rather than anyone actually considering whether it might be right or wrong to do so – as in, one might say it’s illegitimate in principle for an unelected body to outright obstruct (rather than refine or review) a budget passed by the House.

    I don’t think this is a partisan view, either. I am pretty sure most Liberals would be very upset if a Tory senate threatened to block the passage of a Liberal minority government.

  • Militant Liberal

    Your right Scott if the budget doesn't pass Nfld,Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan have nothing to complain about. We need them angry during the election.

  • Gayle

    I do not know how many senators are actually talking about defeating the budget. In the Edmonton Journal today the article suggested there were only 3, with the potential of a handful more. I very much doubt defeating the budget  is a real possibility.

  • I’m pretty sure almost everyone would second that emotion. Holding up the budget will serve no good purpose. It would only lend undeserved credence to Harper’s calls for “reform.”  

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