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Planning for the 2nd (annual) Progressive Blogger get-together.

This is posted at the Prog Blog site, but I’ll repost it here for those Prog affiliates that dont always get over there.

Last year’s Prog Blog get-together in Guelph was a success, so I’m throwing out the idea of potentially holding another one sometime during the summer (July or August). I’m open to having it wherever and whenever the majority of people think they most likely would be able to make it. Guelph was a nice time, last year, but I know there was sentiment for having it in Toronto and Ottawa as well…so the thread for suggestions and to indicate level of interest is now open either at the main site diary, or at our Facebook group, or here.

I’m based in Ontario, hence the blog get-together I would be helping to host my would have to be in Ontario. However, in our discussions so far, our Prog Blog affiliates based out West have been putting the idea out there of a Prog BLog get-together out that way somewhere.. so if we get enough bloggers from out there interested in the Western meeting idea, we can certainly think about organizing something. It doesnt even have to be on the same day as the one in Ontario.. but obviously it would be cool – we could even get a Skype/webcam going and do a little blogging chit-chat.

By the way, the place you vote for doesnt necessarily mean its the only choice you can make it.. its just stating your “preferred choice”. Once I get enough people that I can make a call either way where it looks like the most people prefer to make it to – we can work on a weekend (which I will say at this point looks like late July or sometime in August) which will be to most people’s advantage to make it wherever this might be held.

All prog blog affiliates are welcome to attend wherever it ends up and what date it is, and I’ll probably be inviting a few blogging guests as well who arent of the Prog Blog affiliation but are important or well known blogging figures. Right now.. we’re probably looking at sometime on a weekend in late July or August. We’ll see what the opinion of our affiliates are for what place is most desirable and convenient to all meet at first, and work on a date when to meet.


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