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Throwing mud at a wall and hoping something sticks.

I’ll have to agree with Red Tory, Stephen Taylor sure is seemingly desperately trying to find something to divert attention from all the problems the Conservatives have had the past 2 months. His “ordinary” meme on Harper and the inference that Dion and Kiebler were not, and that was somehow going to detract from Canadians wanting to vote for Dion, fell flat on its face and came in for widespread criticism. So, it appears this is another effort on his part to go at the Liberals from the angle of ethics again. I don’t particularly see this will work either, but I’ll give him points for effort however.

By the way, Stephen was giving off the inference and/or suspicion in a conversation we had that the whole “ordinary” blowback on him was some Liberal war-room plotted scheme designed to “blog-swarm” his post. 🙄

I can categorically say as one of the first to go after what he wrote that it certainly wasn’t asked of me by my “Liberal overlords” to go after him. I actually like Stephen as a person – I got to meet him at the Liberal Convention in the blogroom, and we’ve also done some Blogging Hotstove’s together and we’ve always been amicable. In this case however, Stephen was being a tad paranoid.

It was over the line to go after someone’s spouse or family even when you try to mask it in subtleties the way Stephen did in his post, and everyone as far as I know went after him on that basis — the bloggers who went after him didnt need a directive from anyone to know or to write he was way out to lunch on his posting.


8 comments to Throwing mud at a wall and hoping something sticks.

  • "By the way, Stephen was giving off the inference and/or suspicion in a conversation we had that the whole “ordinary” blowback on him was some Liberal war-room plotted scheme designed to “blog-swarm” his post."

    Of course he is, because that's how he works – blog swarming at the suggestion of the CPC insiders that he knows. He doesn't get scoops on announcements because he found them laying on a table in the food court at the World Exchange Plaza in Ottawa.

  • Unruh's an idiot

    Geeze…not one sensible thing said by the Tories who commented here.  Just mischaracterisation of what people are saying.

    Why anyone thinks these people ever tell the truth is a mystery to me.

  • Well, Aaron. When I visit Taylor's site the front page proclaims "Conservative Party of Canada Pundit".

    Not "Conservative Pundit",  "Conservative Party of Canada Pundit".

    And, btw – In addition to what Aurelia said, it isn't only Liberal bloggers who comment here and on other blogs. I'm not a Liberal, neither is JimBobby as far as I can recall. Just two fer 'xamples.

    Don't need to be a Liberal, or from Ontario, to have a distrust and dislike of PMSH. He doesn't speak for me.

  • Sorry you’re offended, Aaron.. go run back to the Politic if it bothers you that I decided to state something that was told to me (not in email either btw) that I found ridiculous. It doesnt help Stephen’s case either how he claimed to know this… only for me to find out he was probably misleading me when I asked some of my contacts if what he claimed was true. I dont like being misled or fibbed to, as I apparently was.

  • So you're using your blog to attack Stephen Taylor over something he told you in a private conversation? You're all class, Tribe.

  • Well Aaron, I'm not directed by the LPC; I'll let others speak for themselves. I also don't recall saying in my particular blogpost that Stephen is the "spokesperson", nor did I charge in my particular posting that he was "indicative of party messaging"… you can show me where you think I did, Aaron, if you disagree.

     Its well known however that Stephen has good contacts within the Conservative Party and that they feed him info and "leaks", and this sort of posting of going after Dion and Kriebler's "not an ordinary family" status which will somehow make Canadians less inclined to vote for them would certainly make some understandably think Stephen was doing some inside info posting of what certain Tory strategists might be thinking.

    However, he personally told me that was his own opinion, so I'll take him at his word til I see differently. Personally.. I can see the Blogging Tories doing this during an election, but even I'd be shocked if the Conservatives themselves took this line of attack.

  • ALW

    So just to clarify: you and all the other Liberal bloggers are free agents, and are in no way directed by or reflected of the LPC….but Stephen Taylor is the spokesperson for the CPC, and indicative of that party's strategic messaging?

    And for the umpteenth time, he wasn't "going after" anybody with his now-infamous "ordinary" post.  He was saying something totally benign and hardly controversial: that a married couple with PhDs are probably not going to be seen as "ordinary" by a large cross-section of Canadians.  Wow, how harsh…

  • Is this a joke?

    Does he actually think that all of the personal bloggers who commented on my post are tools of the Liberal Party, or Liblogs? I mean, as silly as it is, I get his paranoia about obviously political bloggers, but my blog? 'Nilla, December Baby, Delphi, Gil and all the rest are ordinary Canadian women who were pissed off right along with me. But hey God forbid he venture out and read what ordinary voters think. Much better to stay in his insular little world.

    Like I said on RT's blog, this kind of blowout happens all the time in the infertility/adoption/mommyblogging blogosphere. Someone attacks us, or our families, or our lifestyles and we go nuclear on the troll. He thinks he gets a special pass because he's some big political whoop-de-do in Canada? Puh-leeze…time to join the real world.

    Well, I guess this explains why he has never apologized to me directly or even allowed my reasoned critique/comment to be published on his blog.

    He's afraid to face an ordinary mom like me.

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