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More ugliness if you’re a Tory. Libs lead in latest Decima Poll

Deceivin’ Stephen’s antics may be starting to catch up with him in the realm of public opinion:

The poll by Decima Research, provided exclusively to The Canadian Press, placed Liberal support at 32 per cent, the Conservatives at 29 and the NDP at 18. The Bloc Quebecois and Green party were tied nationally at nine per cent.

Some regionals:

The latest averages suggest the Liberals were six percentage points ahead of the Tories in Atlantic Canada – 37-31 – with the NDP at 20 per cent and the Greens at nine.The poll also put the Liberals ahead in Ontario, 39-33, and had the Bloc rebounding in Quebec to 38 per cent, followed by the Liberals at 23 and the Conservatives at 16 per cent.

Bill Casey’s expulsion was 2 days before this Decima poll was taken, so some of that fallout probably impacted in the Maritimes. That’s only going to go down further, I believe.


12 comments to More ugliness if you’re a Tory. Libs lead in latest Decima Poll

  • I meant in terms of getting standings in the actual provinces in Atlantic Canada. The national polls don't break-down by province – just give some "lump sum" figure for "the Atlantic region" – we have no way of knowing if they even poll in every province in Atlantic Canada. Maybe they only spoke to 2 people in PEI. At least CRA interviews a solid sample in each province.

  • You know, I think ALW might be right,

    None of this matters with an election half a year away at earliest.

    Exactly!  Just like Iraq doesn't really matter for Republicans now … I mean, they had plenty of time to fudge other things up and boy did they ever! 

    Cripes, half a year in Tory time means the party could merge with another party, change their name again, get a few more leaders and self destruct all at the same time.

  • Yawn, Aaron… you need to stop visiting here if you get so bored with what I have to say.  I find it curious that of the several Liberal or Progressive blogs that also talked about and commented on the poll today,  you find only the time to comment on MY blog about how boring it is to talk about polls. 

    A tad trollish, if you ask me.

  • ALW

    Yawn. Scott, you need to get out more. None of this matters with an election half a year away at earliest.

    I continue to wait for you to say something insightful on this blog that I can’t easily predict you’ll say by simply scanning the news headlines before coming here.

  • Uh.. Radical.. The CRA poll has the Tory support overall in Atlantic Canada at 30, and the Decima has it at 31. I'd say that more then validates Decima's results.

  • The main polling companies' aren't very good at polling Atlantic Canada – their sample sizes are far too small and the margin of error is too great. If you want a more accurate reading, check out the poll from Corporate Research Associates:

  • mushroom

    The Liberals can vote down the budget in the Senate.

    Or they can filibuster it and create a government crisis by forcing the money the run out.

  • Yeah Paul, get with the game! Sheesh!

  • The Liberals are voting against the Budget, Paul. The BQ however, are not. Internal polling has nothing to do with the Budget passing or not.

  • Paul, the Liberals have already been voting against the budget. If the budget is going to be broken down, and it's unlikely it will be, the BQ will have to change their minds and vote no.

  • paul

    If internal Liberal polling showed this to be true, we can expect the budget to be voted down

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