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The reaction down East – pretty ugly if you’re a Tory.

I was scanning some of the editorials from the media in the Maritimes – as you can expect, it’s pretty scathing stuff:

“Harper’s Challenge A Slap In The Face” – Halifax Daily News
“Feds Determined To Fumble The Ball” – St. John’s Telegram
“Hide and Pride On The Line” – The Chronicle Herald
“Time For Other MP’s To Follow Casey’s Lead” – Truro Daily News

I note that Harper and Macdonald are currently in what is described as a “last-ditch effort” to resolve differences over this. I’d say that the only way it gets resolved is if Harper backs down, particularly after Macdonald did this:

In Nova Scotia, MacDonald’s minority government placed newspaper ads urging residents to call on their 11 MPs to reject the bill because it effectively negates the Atlantic Accord, a federal-provincial agreement that was supposed ensure the province is the “main beneficiary” of its offshore energy sector.

He’d lose face (MacDonald that is) in NS if he were the one to back down now so suddenly.

Anyway, the Budget vote is apparently at 5:15pm today. It should be interesting to watch whether Harper appeased or threatened Gerald Keddy enough to whip him back in line.

UPDATE: After reading this, I’d predict that Keddy will vote for the Budget – he doesn’t sound like he wants to be an MP of principle like Bill Casey when he publicly admits to not being enthusiastic at the prospect of sitting on the Opposition benches – but we’ll see.


3 comments to The reaction down East – pretty ugly if you’re a Tory.

  • Well, it's not a "small point" if you're from the region. It's something i'm constantly having to drill home to my employers. It does matter.

  • Indeed.. very small point… you must be bored if you're going to quibble over that 🙂

  • Small point but… it's not the Maritimes, it's Atlantic Canada or the Atlantic Provinces if you are including Newfoundland and Labrador (and you are since you referenced the St. John's Telegram). The Maritimes includes only NB, NS and PEI. NL has never been part of the Maritimes and so use of the term "the Maritimes" never includes NL.

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