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The Tory Titanic: now playing at Parliament Hill near you.

Get out the popcorn, this movie is getting better and better:

CTV News has learned a weekend letter on the Atlantic Accord dispute has left Prime Minister Stephen Harper facing a major cabinet split. Sources say that Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay feels blindsided by the letter to the editor published Saturday that inflamed matters. Insiders say that Sandra Buckler, the prime minister’s communications director, instructed MacKay to sign the letter, which rejected any side deals with Nova Scotia. MacKay, a Nova Scotia MP and the senior minister for Atlantic Canada, refused, say sources. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty signed the letter.

Interesting bit of intrigue here. I’d sure like to know who the “insiders” and “sources” were who decided this needed to be leaked. On the one hand, you can say that it appears that the iron-clad discipline that Harper is (in)famous for has started to slip in this instance, and we could indeed be seeing a major Cabinet split over the Atlantic Accord issue. On the other hand, maybe someone decided to leak this so MacKay would look a bit better at home, to try and deflect some of the heat he’s been taking over his “we won’t kick out any MP’s over voting no on a Budget bill” a month ago, only to then later claim he “had no idea” Casey would do exactly that.

(Maybe we can ask Stephen Taylor what his Tory sources say about all this :mrgreen: )

There is one other thing that caught my eye in this story:

Robert Fife, CTV’s Ottawa bureau chief, reports that MacKay is trying to broker a deal with MacDonald and convince Harper that if he doesn’t compromise, he could pay a high political price.

MacDonald should know that any deals with MacKay aren’t worth the napkin.. er.. paper they’re printed on, and I’d be pretty wary of accepting any assurances from MacKay, if I were Macdonald. In fact, if he were smart, he’d reject anything coming out of MacKay’s mouth outright – nothing coming from him can be trusted.


4 comments to The Tory Titanic: now playing at Parliament Hill near you.

  • Rob

    “I’d contact the stakeholders of the Kelowna and Kyoto accords and get movin…”

    He probably meant to say that his government honours ‘some of the government agreements made by his *new* government.’

  • Harpor's acting like Bluto, saying those who accuse him of deceivin' will find themselves in court or should take him to court over his accord shell game. He had the gall to point out that his government 'honours the government agreements'! If I was a good lawyer I'd contact the stakeholders of the Kelowna and Kyoto accords and get movin…

  • I am not sure there will be a major cabinet split. Perhaps Harper's iron fisted grip on caucus has slipped a little but my sense of the man is that he would rather work to squash opposition than compromise.  The CPC is holding its own in the polls which means that Harper will hold his own within the CPC.

  • Alberta Report

    Just ask David Orchard about Mackay's word….sheesh!

    I can see harper on the bow shouting "I'm king of the world"….. LOL!!

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