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Another Atlantic Tory about to bite the dust?

Bill Casey might be soon having company in his new role as an “independent Progressive Conservative”:

A second Conservative MP from Nova Scotia could be headed for a showdown with his government over the controversial budget bill. Gerald Keddy has told The Canadian Press he is meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Monday to discuss the concerns of people in his province over Ottawa’s treatment of offshore resource agreements.

Apparently, Jim Flaherty’s letter declaring no side-deals – which is what spurred Rodney Macdonald to angrily go public, is what Keddy is saying is the reason for his unhappiness. All of this happened while Harper was on his world Eco-fraud tour, so maybe Harper does have a good reason to keep his Cabinet under a muzzle; they have a propensity to screw up rather easily.

Coincidentally, this all occurs as the Young Liberals started a new campaign today charging that Keddy and MacKay sold out Nova Scotia. I do like the nicknames they’ve attached to them – Gerald “Unsteady” Keddy and Peter “Disarray” Mackay. As a promoter of “Deceivin’ Stephen”, I heartily approve the choices – maybe Gerald didn’t like the nickname the YLC assigned to him – hence the REAL reason he’s making noises on this 😉

(H/T to The Jurist for the original story, which has been updated online since I first quoted from it)

UPDATE: The updated CP story mentions about how Harper is challenging the provinces to go to court if they think he’s breached the Atlantic Accord, and then threatens that he and the Feds will go to court themselves if they won’t. Again, Harper shows how much of a bullying streak he has in him. This is his style.

UPDATE 2: This story points out how Harper’s threats to go to court don’t fit what he’s been saying the past few years: Harper — who has long held that courts should not intervene in political decisions – said he would put the whole question to some kind of judicial review if the provinces don’t.  Another example of Harper not letting past  principles get in the way of political expediency.


9 comments to Another Atlantic Tory about to bite the dust?

  • Now Peter might be mad… Uh-ohhhhh.

  • knb

    Not so much Darren, lol.  It's one thing to have a different political view from your spouse, (I thought they were married?), quite another to be in a position to do something about it.   Yikes, that has got to be tough.

    Gayle, this government is pretty rich all around.  I have a theory that I wrote about today and I want to do some more thinking about it.  It seems clear that this government has it's foundation built on sand.
    I don't know who among you have looked at various blogs today, but there seems to be a minimal amount of trolling to defend recent developments.  That's always telling, for it takes time to mount a defense against the indefensible.

    Scott, fair enough.  I know 20 seconds should be nothing, but in this world of point and click,  it seems long.  I do like your features though!

  • I didn't know that Keddy's fiance is a cabinet minister in MacDonald's government!  Apparently Keddy jetted over to be with her during a business trip in Scotland… right after Keddy voted in favour of the budget.  Wonder if she chewed him out on the flight home and now he's having jet-lagged second thoughts?

    Dinner at their house would be fun tonight.

  • Gayle

    Here is my favourite Harper quote on this topic:

    "We will continue having this discussion as adults."

    If they are going to start behaving like adults, maybe they should start during QP.

    While I am at it – complaining about unsubstantiated allegations is pretty rich from a party that was pretty quick to "allege" a liberal MP had terrorist ties, or that there are "extremist" elements in the liberal party.

  • It could be the  server having an overload somewhere. I've asked my server admin who hosts me if he can track the cause of the slow loads (and yea.. I've noticed it a bit too today).

  • knb

    Scott, just a question.  I like many features on your blog, but I'm wondering if that is what slows it down.  It takes about 20 seconds to load and so do the comments.

    I know that sounds insane…20 seconds big deal, but in this day and age…I just think you might be losing traffic as a result.

    I have zero tech knowledge, so maybe it's not the good features you have, but I thought I'd ask.

    For the record, I am not on an antiquated system.

  • Not surprising, but I don’t particularly care. Werner has no credibility in the blogosphere – anywhere. You can ask Stephen Taylor, Jason Cherniak, James Bow and Wayne Chu if you need confirmation of that.

    I’m not surprised he’s trying to insult me again – that’s his way of grabbing attention (I note again that he has my current job situation incorrect, even though I know for a fact he’s been told by 1 blogger I am not on welfare).

  • slg

    And you wonder why we need the sober second thought?  

    By the way, Scott, you must have miffed Warner Patels – he who hates personal instults and name calling has ranted against the Progressive Blog – calling you a dictator/bum/welfare type – then he stroked a line through it.  This guy Patels is a total nutbar.


  • knb

    As much as I am not sad to see this latest development, I have to say, I'm rather surprised to see just how incompetent this government truly is.

    What precisely, besides talk a good game, have they done right?  Environment, a bust,  Afghanistan, is now more unpopular and controversial, established programs, slashed, Income Trusts, broken promise, breaking other agreements, Kelowna and Kyoto, it just goes on and on.

    Watching them in QP?  They look like they are playing "dress up", kids in adult clothes playing at being a government.  That said, everyone in QP is off the rails to a certain extent, though I do think that legitimate questions are being asked. 

    As I type this, the con's senate attack ad is playing.  Mr. Harper, you've got much bigger problems than the Senate.  Actually, there is another example of how bad their political instincts are.

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