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The Gun Registry: a promise the Conservatives haven’t been able to keep

…one that I’m glad they’ve failed to act on (with the help of the 3 opposition parties who oppose this move, of course):

It is beginning to look like the Conservatives are not going to be able to keep their long-held promise to scrap the federal firearms-registration system. This week will mark one year since the Conservatives introduced legislation to scrap the gun registry. Called Bill C-21, the legislation has languished at first-reading stage in Parliament since June 19 last year.

It doesn’t appear either that the Conservatives will be making a move on this front anytime soon, and the evidence for that is yet another international resolution we’ve signed off on:

Canada is a signatory to a United Nations resolution, passed in 2001, which commits states to some national system of registration for firearms. If Canada intended to back away from this system, it is required to give written notification. There is no sign that Canada has served any such notice.

We’ve gone over the Gun Registry countless times before, so all I will say here is it will be interesting if this is another promise the Tories have decided to quietly decided to not press, knowing it will not further any of their attempts to gain more seats in urban Canada and in Quebec. For now, it appears all they are willing to do is just stack their firearms advisory committee with pro-gun buffs, and leave it at that.


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