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Now its Tory Nova Scotia urging revolt against budget

Danny Williams is now joined by fellow Conservative Premier Rodney Macdonald – he says no go to the Budget as well:

Nova Scotia’s Premier Rodney MacDonald wants all the province’s MPs to vote against the federal budget that alters his province’s deal on offshore resources. In addition, the Conservative would like the Senate to hold up passage of the 2007 budget..MacDonald said Sunday that a letter from federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty published in a Nova Scotia newspaper prompted his move.

I never thought I’d see the day when a (Progressive) Conservative provincial premier (2 for that matter) would ask a Liberal Senate to block a Conservative Budget bill. I realize this might be partially due to Macdonald being in 2nd place in the polls to the provincial NDP, but nevertheless, you might be seeing the beginning of the schism of the old Progressive Conservative wing of the Maritime wing of the Conservative party taking place.

I know some people doubted whether all 8 Conservative seats (now 7 with Casey’s booting) would be wiped out as some bold Liberals and pundits were predicting a couple of weeks ago, but with this development, does anyone think there is a safe Tory seat in Atlantic Canada, unless the federal Conservatives back down?


3 comments to Now its Tory Nova Scotia urging revolt against budget

  • With the Fiddler’s tenuous hold on power, he simply CAN’T afford to be perceived as not standing up for his province. His chances of winning the next Nova Scotia election are worse than the Conservatives’ chances of defending their two seats in NS.

    Premier Darrell Dexter and the first NDP government in the Maritimes should be interesting. I wonder how it will affect that party’s fortunes in the area.

    I’d say Gerald Keddy (C-South Shore-St. Margaret’s) is pretty well a goner unless he votes against the budget like Casey. The more interesting question is who replaces him? Looking at NS provincial election results, I’d bet on the NDP as well.

  • Bailey

    It's interesting that MacDonald is urging the MPs to vote against Harper.  since before this he had always supported him.  During the leadership race in 2003, MacDonald was the only PC cabinent minister in Nova Scotia to endorse Harper.  And in the 2004 election, MacDonald was the Co-Chair of Conservative Campaign for Nova Scotia. 

  • Although I find it mildly amusing that the Prog CONs of Atlantic Canada are up in arms over Harpor's shiv to the forehead on their signed agreement (and his own promise), I'm kinda wondering why they didn't see it coming?
    Is it because they didn't think they ranked in the same Harpor scheme for all-encompassing power as First Nations (Kelowna Accord), environmentalists (Kyoto Accord), seniors who rely on pension investments (Income Trusts), two-income families or single mothers (Federal-provincial childcare and early learning agreement)… Somehow they should have figured that they will always be Harpor's "culture of defeat".

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