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Some sobering statistics on Alzheimers

Alzheimer’s is on the rise:

More than 26 million people worldwide have Alzheimer’s disease, and a new forecast says the number will quadruple by 2050. At that rate, one in 85 people will have the brain-destroying disease in 40 years, researchers from Johns Hopkins University conclude.

I just thought I’d mention that today, in light of more discouraging news from home on the grandfather front,  and again ask that you consider donating to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada


1 comment to Some sobering statistics on Alzheimers

  • knb

    I heard this study described and was struck by the rate in Asia. I can’t quite figure that out, but I suspect that there are some clear indicators to those who study it. Perhaps it will lead to some great progress. When you are able to isolate and reconcile factors exclusive to one group, normally that leads to progress.

    I’m sorry you’ve had more bad news Scott. I think one of the most horrible things about the disease, is that the news that comes, never gets better. I think we are accustomed to thinking that with the right care, things will improve, even if we know better and have been told that it’s impossible.

    There is merit and pain involved in that view and to me, that is what it is to be human.

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