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Harper and his aversion to Accords.

Think about it:

He cancelled the Kelowna Accord.

He’s all but pulled back from the Kyoto Accord.

He reneged on the Atlantic Accord.

One wonders if he flinches every time he drives by a Honda dealership.


5 comments to Harper and his aversion to Accords.

  • Honda just announced they were killing the Accord Hybrid.  Coincidence?

  • The Con's is workin' to put the kibosh on the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 47 countries been workin' on the declaration fer years. Canada helped draft the same proposal that Canada is now tryin' to scuttle. There's a 47 member UN Human Rights Council and Canada and Russia are the only two members tryin' to kill this Declaration. An' Harper's got the nerve to scold Putin on human rights!

  • slg

    😈 It’s “hatred” for anything Liberal. Even if the NDP and Bloc and Liberals agree on an issue – no, no, no – because Liberals were involved

    Even if a policy is a good one – no, no, no – Liberal involved.

    So, Harper is governing on polls and hatred rather than what may be good for Canadians.

    Brian Mulroney endorses the Kelowna Accord and Brian Mulroney also disagrees with Harper about the judiciary and said they have to be kept independant – but hey – Liberals involved – no, no, no.

    This is a very bad sign. Good ideas and policy don’t matter if Liberals are even a little involved.

    This is not leadership – it’s governing by hate.

  • Thank you,  thank you. Scott will be here all week, tip your waitress and try the veal…

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