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MacKay: I never really actually meant what I said.

I think it was better for Peter MacKay when he wasn’t talking to the press over Bill Casey’s ejection as a Conservative member. He’s digging an even deeper hole for himself now that he’s actually opened his mouth and is defending the expulsion.

Just to remind everyone, this is what Peter MacKay said last month:

…MacKay claimed that such expulsions wouldn’t happen, saying during parliamentary debate: “We will not throw a member out of caucus for voting his conscience. There will be no whipping, flipping, hiring or firing on budget votes as we saw with the Liberal government.”

And now, MacKay today defended Casey’s expulsion by saying this:

He justified his party’s decision to expel Casey by arguing he “never believed” the veteran MP would actually vote against the government on a money bill.


In otherwards, he only said what he did because he never actually thought anyone in the Conservative caucus would vote with their conscience. He made a grand statement in the House that he was trying to score partisan points with by claiming the Conservative caucus was completely free to express themselves unlike the Liberals. He never actually thought that anyone might actually test the validity of his statement — that they’d all be loyal lapdogs.

Casey exposed him and Jay Hill and Deceivin’ Stephen – chalk up another whopper from Deceivin’ Stephen’s crew; and give extra whopperliciousness bonus points to Petey “back of a napkin” MacKay for not only being exposed, but coming up with the worst excuse possible for trying to defend what he said.

UPDATE: Garth gives Bill some pointers as to what to expect from his former colleagues. I’m sure Bill knows this however – as he had a good view first hand of the Conservatives modus operandi.


8 comments to MacKay: I never really actually meant what I said.

  • Well, let's see if the Empire Company's $$$ can save Potato Pete's sorry ass come next election.

  • Whooee! MacKay's explanation is sorta like the sales pitch fer the automotive elephant repeller that keeps elephants from chargin' out an' runnin' into yer chugmobile. The feller who sold me mine guaranteed I'd never hit an elephant an' I never did.  I reckon this only hurts MacKay's chances when he supports the side that sold out his home province an' booted a respected MP. I hope Lizzie May can capitalize on it. I'm pretty sure the Dippers'll be tryin' to capitalize. Maybe us Greens can get some local TV ads runnin' — "Peter MacKay is not a leader." JB

  • GAB:

    This is what the Halifax Chronicle Herald had to say yesterday. Very scathing.

  • I hope Casey has the gumption to stay on and fight them.

    Garth was defiant and beligerent when it happened to him Casey sounds more despondant, I fear they will get their way and he will just fade away.

    So how is this playing in the local N.S. press?

    Are the odds in Central Nova getting worse for MacKay??

  • slg

    Casey may know the CPC ropes from their side of the House, but now that he's got a bird's eye view from the opposite side….well, I liked the line about how ridiculous they look. Harper really does have a pathetic group of cabinet ministers doesn't he? 

  • My my. Someone has certainly developed an affection for Garth Turner.

  • knb

    In otherwards, he only said what he did because he never actually thought anyone in the Conservative caucus would vote with their conscience.

    Or he thought the huge hammer they have, would be sufficient enough to keep everyone in line.

    My personal take, is neither.? I really don’t think that MacKay is a bright guy.? I don’t think he’s stupid, but I think he is in way over his head and that has translated to arrogance.? I don’t believe he thinks before he speaks, nor do I think he bothers himself with the details?of procedure.? When he thinks he can “score”, he speaks.

    It’s odd to see an ex PC’er, so committed to this government.? I know, given his history, there is likely no choice, but I really wonder how you can change your values like that.

  • […] was also MacKay backtracking on statements he made during the time Nova Scotia MP Bill Casey was expelled from the Conservative […]

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