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Congrats Ducks on winning the Stanley Cup.

The Ducks proved they were the class of the NHL tonight. You have to feel good for Teemu Selanne – an all round nice guy who’s been in this league 15 years. He of anyone deserved to win it.


7 comments to Congrats Ducks on winning the Stanley Cup.

  • No Scott, I don't care if the team is Canadian or not, just as long as its not the Leafs.

    My usual hierarchy of teams is like this:

    Canadian Team (except the Leafs)
    Original 6 (Except the Leafs)
    Teams with former Montreal Canadians as players, coaches or GM (except the Leafs)
    Teams with people I know  or from my home town (guys like Cicarelli, the Hunter Brothers, Pat Verbeek, Yserbart)
    Teams with guys who have dated my sister (Michael Renberg when he played for Washington…not when he was a Leaf)
    Central Red Army from 1976.
    California Golden Seals.
    Teams composed of of men wearing skates (except the Leafs)
    Teams composed of Jamaican Bobsleders.
    Teams of Serial Killers.
    Teams of Cannibals.
    Teams of Cannibal Serial Killers.

    After that, I watch baseball.


  • How uncharitable of you, Mike. So, we're all expected to cheer for the Canadian-based team in the finals, except if its the Leafs, and we give all Leaf-hates a pass on that unwritten rule.. tsk tsk.. talk about contradictory.

  • Duck just out played them, even though until last night it was a close series. Congrats to them.

    Ottawa will be back next year.

    On the upside, of course, at least we've done better than the Leafs. I mean, I'll be turning 40 this year and so far I've seen my Habs in the final 9 times (with 8 wins), the Sens once, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver – hell the Avs were essentially the Quebec Nordiques when they won.

    Wtih some luck, the Sens or the Habs will be back in it next year and I won't see the Leafs for another 40 years….


  • Oh brother. Where do I start?

    A club who gets through teams like Detroit and Ottawa to win the thing is definitely one that earned it.

    As for the rest of your drivel, this was Anaheim vs Ottawa, not Canada vs the US. And anyhow, Anaheim had more Canadians playing on their team then Ottawa did… so that should end that little argument.

  • Mr canada

    the cup should never go to a club like the ducks, they are not that good and insult the old club who have earn it, not bought it, why dont u be a canadian and stop selling out about something you dont know…or maybe ur one of those american ass kissers

  • I thought I'd be magnanimous in victory and not rub it in too badly tonight.

  • sassy

    Scott, Where are the quackers? I was looking forward to quackers.   😀

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