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At least Putin knows how to treat the media.

Russian President Putin is no democrat by any stretch of the imagination. But, he knows how to deal with the media – something Deceivin’ Stephen and the PMO haven’t learned yet.

It’s pretty amazing that Russian officials are telling Canadian reporters about a scheduled Harper-Putin meeting over the US Strategic Defence Initiative and then offering a delegation to talk to reporters after the meeting, even as the Canadian PMO was still refusing to confirm anything. It shows  the extent of Harper’s paranoia about the media as well as the obsession with secrecy he and his PMO staff have.


5 comments to At least Putin knows how to treat the media.

  • You missed my earlier post from a month ago.. I had to disable those. With the new editor.. they werent sitting on the site properly and they were causing extreme loading slow-down times. These will have to do till then.

  • Niall Ferguson

    On Mr. Putin's watch there has also been a discernible reduction in the freedom of the press. The three major television networks (Channel One, Rossiya and NTV) are under direct or indirect government control, while reporters who antagonize the authorities can no longer feel safe. Only eight months ago, the investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya was murdered outside her home, one of 14 Russian journalists who have been murdered since Mr. Putin came to power.

    I understand the point of your post, but your title is obnoxious considering the circumstances.

    By the way, I see you have some emoticons, but not the one of the drooling, psychotic conservative, that I most appreciated.  What gives?

  • Paul, you seemed to miss the whole point of the post, which is typical of conservatives.

     A Russian President not known for his democratic tendencies is giving better information to the media over a hardly top-secret event and offers of briefing afterwards, while the Canadian PMO of a democratic country  refuses to at the same time acknowledge anything to reporters of their own country.  Keith Boag of the CBC made specific mention of that, if you'd bothered to read the linked article.  The only person whose credibility is stretched is Deceivin' Stephen

  • paul

    Either you are completely ignorant over the fact that Putin has shut down all independent media in Russia or you are so totally blinded by your hatred of Harper that you could find anyone who behaves better than him.
    Either way, it doesn’t speak well about your overall credibility.

  • just wanted to say? i am a regular reader here .. and your site is? refreshingly? bright and positive and?one of the best ?liberal sites..?we see now the? control freak?? freaking out and?? getting plain? ridiculous? home and aboard … is nothing new? just plain old harper? ,,, proving his own limits?? … ?I Hope you “stays the course??”??? it is important people keep? track on his?? failures..?marta??

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