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Did I hear something?

I think I did….


Sitting Ducks ;)

I thought so!

Anaheim 3, Ottawa 2, in a score that flattered the Sens. One more game like that, and the only “sitting ducks” will be the Sens.


9 comments to Did I hear something?

  • sassy

    Scott – I am still hoping for a Sens win, but gotta hand it to you – funny post  😀

  • Gayle

    At the end of the day, it is just a game. That may sound trite, but it is true.Last year the Oilers and Canes fans actually got along very well, and a huge group of Canes fans stayed after Game 7 to cheer the Oilers as they got on the bus back to the hotel (not that the Oilers probably appreciated it or anything).It is also trite to say it ain't over 'til it's over, but that too is true. Yes, the Sens are going to have to pick it up, but it has happened before.Personally I wish they could take it to game 7, if only because my players in the hockey pool are finally starting to put up some points (I got 7 last night) and if they keep it up I may just win this thing! 😆

  • KC

    What we remember about this year, and who actually had a good season this year and demonstrated their worth as a team are two different things Scott. 

  • Scott is right. (ack) (cough) (sputter) Alfie should be gone for the next game. That shot after the whistle was wilful and uncalled for.

    The Sens don’t deserve to win. They’ve been ugly against the Ducks, out-shot, out-played and their stupid mistakes have cost them the games.

    I’m not going to stop cheering for the Sens, but this isn’t their year.


  • At the end of the playoffs, no one remembers who didnt get to the playoffs, or who lost in the first round or even the finals. Only the winner is remembered, Kyle (except of course by the fans in the losing Stanley Cup finalists city).

  • KC

    Regardless of what you may think you see 'ratboy' doing I KNOW what I DON'T see–The Toronto Maple Leafs.  In fact I haven't seen them in well over a month. 

  • Yeah, because class players elbow people in the neck…

  • I see Ratboy is showing his usual class(less) self by firing pucks at players on purpose. He alone makes me want to cheer against the Sens.

  • KC

    Win or lose Ottawa had a great year.  Thats more than can be said about the other two Canadian eastern conference teams. 

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