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What a shocker (not), we’re parroting the US on climate change at the G8.

In the most unsurprising news of the year so far, we find out Canada will be supporting George Bush’s resistance to global climate change targets:

U.S. President George W. Bush is reportedly resisting global targets being pushed by other G8 countries, and wants China and India brought onside under a scheme that lets each country set its own goal. Environment Minister John Baird echoed those themes and suggested any agreement will be futile unless the world’s biggest polluters sign on.

The gist of this position that Bush is pushing and Harper and Baird support is this; we don’t want to do anything to help the planet till everyone does – so we want to pollute till then..and even if China and India are brought on board, we only want to do voluntary targets that will ensure no serious cuts are implemented. And why? Because we have the ignominious honour of being the world’s worst GHG polluter of the G8, with the US not far behind, and its not just the environmental groups anymore who think the Tories Green Plan is a big sham:

Canada has seen a 25 per cent rise in emissions since 1990, although levels stabilized in 2005. The United States was the second-worst offender with a 16 per cent increase over that period... An environmental think tank and the Deutsche Bank have both released studies in recent days claiming the Tory plan contains serious loopholes and will probably fail to meet even its own modest targets.

And we’re still going to be trying to push how we’re “special” in the world and don’t deserve to have caps:

Canadian officials have also said that any future targets should reflect this country’s “unique” and “special” challenges caused by its skyrocketing oil exports..

Deceivin’ Stephen and Blowhard Baird taking their snake oil salesmen act internationally on the road – how far we’ve fallen in 18 months.


15 comments to What a shocker (not), we’re parroting the US on climate change at the G8.

  • Anon

    ALW: The car payment analogy doesn't hold because you forgot to mention the Conservatives fought like madmen to prevent the Liberals from making any significant payments. Even the innocuous plans the Liberals did table in 2000 and 2002 were opposed by the Conservatives.   Have you forgotten about Harper's 2002 Alliance fundraising letter? Bob Mills' filibusters in the House of Commons?   And when they killed the 2005 Liberal plan, the Tories sat around and did absolutely SFA until they belatedly figured out that the tide of public opinion is running clearly against them and their propaganda efforts weren't working.   And even so, they've just tried to do the minimum to make the problem go away.  In the meantime, because a rich country like Canada won't do anything, its ability to claim a leadership role is severely compromised when dealing with emerging economies on the climate effort.  And the fact there's a lack of political will doesn't stop the fact that abrupt, dangerous climate change will make this planet significantly less habitable for large portions of humanity within the lifetimes of today's children, and the price we would have had to day to head that off will, in retrospect, look very cheap.

  • Dionosaur

    "I'd like you to be the first one to step up to Alberta, its gov't and its people and say "it was a mistake to encourage development of the oil sands." Full stop." 

    Good luck with that.  While we're at it, try to get McGuinty to mandate tailpipe emission standards.   The issue with attempting to reach Kyoto targets is that nuclear power is given undue press as a 'clean' energy source.   We pat ourselves on the back for lowering greenhouse emissions while creating an even worse environmental problem in nuclear waste.   Let's stand up and tell McGuinty that nuclear power development is a mistake as well until fast reactor technology is a reality.

  • ALW

    Yes, let's all distance ourselves from the Americans.  That way, the rest of the world can try to cut down its global emissions enough to compensate for the fact the Americans won't at all.  Or the Chinese. Or the Indians.

    So much for global solutions to global problems.

  • "What ever happend to the "Made in Canada" plan?"

    We sold it the Americans for the promise of a bag of magic beans, much like that softwood lumber dealie.

    Sure lets tie our wagon to the sink ship of America, their dollar is going into the shitter, their debt is going through the roof,… ya now there's a great idea.  Let us not forget that while under Bush, the American's have a nasty habbit of renegging on deals when ever the feel like it.  The list of treaties they have back outof or ignored is very long.  The Americans are not what I consider good business partners right now, and selling our soverienty to them is an even worse idea, regardless of whether it was the liberals who initial thought this was a good idea or Harper who continues it.  It was a bad idea under the liberals and it is still a bad idea under the CPC.

  • Ted

    “we find out Canada will be supporting George Bush’s resistance to global climate change targets”

    What ever happend to the "Made in Canada" plan?

  • ALW

    Yeah, we are making payments – we're just having a hard time scrounging up enough for ten years of arrears.  Is that so hard to understand?

    Don't lump Ernie Eves and Mike Harris into the same category. Any self-respecting Ontario PC knows which one is real conservative, and which one damaged the PC brand in Ontario.

  • So we are still not making payments then, eh?

    I think McSquinty wasn't expecting the level of Deficit that Harris left.  Remember Harris promised to keep the budget balanced and to fix healthcare and education,… he left all three a complete clusterfuck, and there is no defending that.  The first time out I vote for Harris after Boob Rae.  Second time I I voted liberal because I knew Harris is lying.  In 2003 the Eves(Harris) continued to lied.

    This time around, I don't McSquinty has done a horrible job, but I believe that John Tory can do far better (ya I'm coming home to my Ontario PC Party now that there is strong, real world, Business leader in charge of the party)

    Put it simply ALW, Harper is shovelling bullcrap and blaming the past liberals doesn't solve the problem.  Harper is useless and he is liar.  The day the CPC gives him the boot, it will be a good day.  Harper is not a leader, he is a retard!

  • ALW

    I'm sorry Zorpheus, did you not see my car payment analogy? What precisely is defective with it?

    In case anyone bothered to think about it, the point of setting targets
    over 10 or 20 year horizons is so that a country can adjust to the
    targets over a reasonable timeline.  It is crazy to suggest that a
    country can reasonable meet targets intended to be phased in over 15
    years in a matter of 2 or 3 years.

    Oh, and McGuinty and friends spent the entire 2003 campaign insisting
    there was a Tory deficit, yet acted surprised once they came to power.
    Which  is it going to be?

  • Lets see

    Ontario Liberals inherite a Deficit from the Harris liars, McSquinty raises taxes to balance the books and solves the problems.

    Federal Liberals failed to cut GHG and the Harper "New Goverment" blames the Liberals but does sweet fuck all to fix the problem,…

    And this is the same?

    Harper is full of shit and anyone who tries to paint Deceivin’ Stephen and Blowhard Baird as getting it done are blow'in smoke and GHG out their cornholes.

  • ALW

    Darren, it's entirely reasonable for this government to blame their
    predecessors on Kyoto, because if they don't, THEY are going to get
    blamed. And why should they be?  It's as if the Liberals bought a
    car ten years ago, but never made any of the monthly payments, and now
    suddenly everyone's mad that the Tories can't make up the
    arrears.  Excuse me? How on earth is that reasonable?  And by
    the way, didn't Dalton McGuinty use this excuse repeatedly regarding
    his infamous post-2003 election tax hike? Seems that Liberals were fine
    with the blame game in that case.

    And speaking of the earth, Scott, to be serious for a moment – since
    global warming is a *global* problem, what use is any sort of
    arrangement to reduce emissions that doesn't rope in the heaviest
    polluters – China, India and the United States.   We could
    completely shut down Canada and we'd be fiddling while Rome burns so
    long as we don't find some way to get the big boys onside.  "Lead
    by example" you say?  How on earth would this inspire other
    countries to follow?

  • Anon

    Well, Canada had a government that tabled a plan in April 2005 to bring Canada into Kyoto compliance. That government has been replaced by a Conservative one which killed that plan and replaced it with … well, nothing except attacks on the previous government as a substitute for their inaction — until the pressure started to rise.Canada's latest government has a leader who once swore to kill Kyoto and who has tabled a climate change plan for industry that is laughably weak and is largely designed to protect the oil industry.Under the Conservatives' April 26 plan, GHG emissions from Alberta's oilsands will likely triple, according to the Pembina Institute.At the same time the Conservatives lambaste the former government for emissions having risen between 1990 and 2005 (something driven largely by surging oil exports and problems in Ontario's nuclear sector leading to a surge in coal-fired power there), they want to be considered "special"and be protected against being held responsible for the rise of oil-related emissions that will undoubtedly occur on their watch.If I may summarize how the Tory climate change position has shifted, it's gone from "We don't take global warming seriously and we're not going to do anything about it" to "We admit it's a serious problem — but we're not going to do anything about it."While such behaviour would be amusing in an exasperating way if the stakes weren't so high, it's a tragedy Canada's latest government is prepared to run a major climate deficit now for short-term enrichment and let future generations on this planet deal with the consequences.Read the IPCC impacts report. There will be serious consequences even with a two-degrees Celsius rise by mid-century (the ceiling the EU wants to aim for). The Bushies don't want to even use that as a target, and Canada's latest government appears to support them in that view. So they want to keep the carbon party going now even though they've agreed to the proposition that by mid-century, hundreds of millions of people will face food and water shortages and 20 to 30 per cent of species will become extinct as a result of a two-degree rise. Unbelievable.

  • And Aaron, I'd like you to be the first one to step up to Alberta, its gov't and its people and say "it was a mistake to encourage development of the oil sands." Full stop. It seems you CONnies want the cake, the cake plate and the box it came in. I just want to see you eat it all.But don't worry, we've all got good ideas on who bought Harpor his leadership ring…

  • Aaron,

    At WHAT point do you stop talking about the Liberal years and start talking about your own plans – your own accomplishments? 

    Do you really, honest to God, think Canadians will buy the "Liberal failure" crap forever? 

    The optics of Harper and Baird's latest decision to side the with the Bush administration on an ENVIRONMENTAL issue should have you sh*ting coal tonight and I suspect many progressive Conservatives are doing just that. 

    Best of luck selling this though. 

  • Now let's play "Reconcile Conflicting Information Posted by Scott Tribe":

    First: "Canada has seen a 25 per cent rise in emissions since 1990, although levels stabilized in 2005."

    Second: "…how far we’ve fallen in 18 months."

    Hmmmm. Based on the first statement (you know, the factual one) it would seem that we were doing alot of falling in the 90s when the LPoC was in power and alot of stabilizing since the Conservatives took office. Isn't that right, Scott? 🙄

  • So let see if I've got this. Conservatives are all about "personal responsibility" except when it comes to climate change – then its " well if {insert foriegn country here} isn't going to do it, niether are we!"

    Bunch of damn hypocrits. We are being governed by a kindergarten class.

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