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More proof Conservatives don’t have a sense of humour

This story makes me shake my head; not only does Deceivin’ Stephen’s government have problems telling the truth, it also apparently has a lack of a sense of humour. Harry Rosen, a high-end retail chain, did an ad pamphlet parodying the environmental leak where Baird’s plan got mistakenly faxed to the Liberals:

The flyer features a picture of the prime minister and Liberal Leader Stephane Dion. Harper asks his opponent if he’s heard about Harry’s Private Sale – which offers regular customers up to 33 per cent off on suits, jackets and trousers through Sunday. Dion replies: “Yes, you guys faxed us the memo by accident.”

Ha ha. I think that’s pretty clever, but the Tories are in a snit over it:

That joke earned a stern response from the Conservatives. “It’s pretty tasteless,” a government official said of the ad. “Harry Rosen’s is over priced and we would never shop there. . . It’s completely overrated. . . Conservatives would probably never shop there anyway.”

What cracks me up more is that the Conservatives sent out a “government official” to complain to the media about it, who didn’t have the courage to diss Harry Rosen on the record. What a humorless, paranoid bunch.


7 comments to More proof Conservatives don’t have a sense of humour

  • I have shopped at Harry's they are over priced, Korry's is preferable.

  • Conservative

    Hmmm.. a Liberal party member pontificating about telling the truth…  I certainly see the humour in that! :mrgreen:

  • slg

    There's an interesting site – a work in progress: promising!  

  • El Cynico

    It may also be false. I am quite certain several members of Harper’s cabinet and staff shop at HR or other high-end outlets.

    French cuffed shirts are not on sale at Zellers.

  • foottothefire

    When I was very young My daddy used to tell me to be the first to laugh when someone makes a joke on you.  My daddy was obviously, not a Conservative and sure as hell, a whole lot wiser.  But then……no one has ever yet accused Harper of wisdom……have they?

  • slg

    Harper and his nincompoops don't appreciate the Jewish sense of humour and we know they are the best when it comes to humour.  Jews can even laugh at themselves. Harper portrays himself as a supporter of Israel and the Jews?  Better learn to laugh Steve.:lol: 😆 😆

  • Cons are definately humourless. That ad campaign was inspired! 😀

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