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Commenters now able to edit their comments, and use emoticons again.

I had some extra time tonight to fiddle around with the blog, because the cab company I called to take me to Chatham to catch my train somehow got it in their heads I was AT Chatham waiting to get picked up. 🙄 So, I’m not headed to my folks until tomorrow AM. That is to your advantage though, because in light of some people seeming to have carriage returns popping up in their comments they leave, making it look rather untidy (and I still can’t seem to find out if its the new editor I’ve implemented or not causing the problem) , I have installed an Edit comment plugin feature for WordPress. This will allow any commenter to edit their comment they leave if they see errors in their comments – BUT ONLY FOR 5 MINUTES. After that, your comment is permanent, except for me being able to edit them, of course. I’ve also implemented a plugin called “WP GRINS”, which will allow you to add in standard grins and emoticons used on WordPress by clicking on the graphics above the editor (these were always able to be added into a comment, but this lists them all and lets you click on ’em if you forgot the code to type in to add one).  They aren’t as fancy as my other set of emotions I used here.. but these will do for now.


4 comments to Commenters now able to edit their comments, and use emoticons again.

  • Scott Tribe


    The XTHML stuff do not exactly work with the new text editor installed. You need to type something, hilight it, and then click the chain link in the editor, where you then will be able to add the URL. (The chainlink is below the  👿 smilie. It is best to have that url handy in a 2nd window if you dont have it off the top of your head).

    Not sure why you couldnt edit the first comment Radical. We'll have to keep an eye on that. In the meantime, I've edited it for you.

  • Weird… me again… OK… the first comment i made, the html code for the URL didn't work, but i didn't see any option to edit it. So i posted the second comment asking how to edit comments. When that one posted, it had the option to edit it – but that never appeared on the first comment i made. So i could edit the 2nd comment, which i don't need to, but had no option to edit the first comment – which i would have edited to fix the URL thing. Just letting you know how the edit comments thing worked for me (it didn't – sort of).

  • Hmmmm… i noticed the URL code didn't work in that comment… but i don't see the option to edit the comment to fix it? How do we edit our comments?

  • Have you considered adding a threaded comments plug-in so that people can reply directly to other comments rather than to the post in general when they want to address a comment made by someone else? I have that on my blog and it's quite handy – even for the blog owner since it's clear that you're replying to a specific comment. Makes it a bit more "forum-like" – altho still nowhere near as good as a proper discussion forum.

    I use <a href="">Brian's threaded comments</a> on my blog.

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