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The quote of the day in Question Period

Just when you think Harper can’t make any more outrageous statements, he proves you wrong. Today, he brushed aside another demand from Dion for his Defence Minister O’Connor to resign with the retort that Dion didn’t serve in the military, so his opinion on the matter wasn’t worth listening to. As Darren points out here, and Macleans does here, (H/T to Steel City Grit) that would mean there wouldn’t be a lot of questions asked by anyone in QP by anybody (which may be Harper’s dream of what would happen, given how much a disaster the last month in QP has been for him and his government).

Now, I’ve not been much of a fan of Michael Ignatieff, but he came with the best line of the day that had me laughing:

Deputy Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff shot back that Harper hasn’t served in the military and went on to call for not only O’Connor’s resignation, but Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay and International Development Minister Josee Verner, calling them the “triple crown of incompetence.”

Well said, Mr Ignatieff.

UPDATE: Its even more funny listening to Iggy deliver the actual line. The clip of the exchange can be found here.


9 comments to The quote of the day in Question Period

  • mushroom

    That was a comebacker.  Did not expect Iggy to say it.If Dion would have more of these quips, then it would be interesting.I am still not a fan of having the Grits fronting question period as a tag team duo.   

  • Harper really, really needs to put away the Republican playbook. I can appreciate that he thinks it's a winning formula, but at this point it's just embarrassing.

  • slg

    I just read "CastorRouge's" blog – please read it – it's cute and to the point.  

  • slg

    Whoops, I meant to say "all the more reason that there is no excuse for his bungling".  sorry

  • slg

    So many "Canadians" work outside of Canada and it doesn't make them less Canadian.  My neice's sister in law is working a Harvard right now – it was such a good opportunity for her.  Harper never travelled before he became the pretend PM – no worldly experience and is really shows. Actually, I don't think Harper ever had a "real" job in his life. Kudos to Ignatieff – he actually stood up for Dion.  Harper better be careful here – Paul Wells, for example, has moved to France to work for a while – is he less Canadian now? Harper keeps "harping" about O'Connor's experience, etc., but that means there is all the more reason for his bungling other than, perhaps, he's taking orders from the boss. 

  • Margaret Bedore

    Harper's low comment was not reported on the National!  That shows the bias of the media

  • Iggy's retort that Harper  should explain to the 2 million Canadians who are working outside of Canada right now that they were less Canadian then Harper was using his analogy was the perfect response.

    And, while I can see where you're coming from Knb, I'll still laugh at Iggy's "Triple Crown" remark.

  • knb

    I appreciate your laughter Scott, but I just don’t think this stuff is funny.

    These are serious accusations that you know the con’s will use in an election bid. Dion’s mother is French, Ignatieff lived outside the country, Kennedy didn’t get his degree…etc. Compared to the rubes that harper has behind him, it’s beyond rich.

    You know, when Harp mentioned Ignatieff’s time outside of the country, my first thought was, “if you had perhaps not cocooned yourself in Alberta and had seen more of the world, perhaps you’d be able to understand our role in it.”

    Sorry, I’ve lost my sense of humour with these guys. They are not funny, they are juvenile, from Harper down. In fact, on such a serious issue, they deserve our disdain.

  • “triple crown of incompetence”

    Yeah, pretty much. McKay is a smart guy, I used to think. I used to think he was OK. Then he as PC leader made that deal with Harper and allowed his party to be swallowed up by the Reform/Alliance neanderthals. In exchange, he gets to be Foreign Affairs minister. He is a useful tool. He has no real power, he is not in Harper’s inner circle. Now, the right-wing wackos McKay used to despise are running the country, and the Red Tories, the party of Sir John A, (I’m not one, but I know some who are) have no voice in Parliament.

    In other words, he blew it.

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