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QUACK! QUACK! Ducks 1, Senaturds a big fat goose-egg.



2 more Quacks to go 🙂

Ottawa was dominated again tonight.. only reason they were even in it was due to their goaltender.


11 comments to QUACK! QUACK! Ducks 1, Senaturds a big fat goose-egg.

  • 1) partly, maybe.
    2) no. 

  • Stephen: Maybe they aren't playing well because the Ducks aren't letting them… or maybe its due to the fact Anaheim is a vastly superior team to them.

  • Nah, no offense to Emery.

  • I like that you refer to Emery as "Their Goaltender" just like Bob Cole and Harry Neale. Are you such a Homer that you can't read a roster either? 😉

  • I wouldn’t count my ducks before they hatch, Scott. Ottawa has yet to play a decent game in the finals. True, they’ve put themselves into a bit of a hole, but if they actually decide to start playing well, this series is far from over.

  • mushroom

    The Stanley Cup is two games away from going down your direction, Scott.Not sure if Corey Parry is bringing the Stanley Cup into the John Labatt Centre, but Andy MacDonald will definitely bring it down to Strathroy!!!! 

  • Well Stephen… I think if they looked at the fact that a) Nationalism has nothing to do with it- these arent the Olympics, but 2 teams representing 2 cities, and b) IF you want to bring nationalism into it, the Ducks have more Canadian players on their roster then the Sens do..  then they wouldn't have as big of a problem with it.

    Cheer for the Sens if you're a fan – but dont cheer for them because "they're based in Canada". Wait for the World Cup or as I said, the Olympics for that.

  • Yeah, go Ducks. Just what every Canadian hockey fan dreams of. Mickey Mouse skating around the ice with the Stanley Cup. (end/sarcasm).

  • sassy

    Hi Scott, I was / still am cheering for the Sens but that does not prevent me from CONDRATULATING  you on your team winning this game.a big quack quack out to ya   

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