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Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil.

There are new allegations of wrongdoing by the RCMP:

The new allegations, according to a lawyer’s letter, include potentially criminal acts like illegal electronic surveillance, alteration of documents, harassment, and cover-up in criminal investigations. The RCMP is alleged to have “spied” on the political campaigns of at least two members who sought election to government. That raised alarm bells with both Liberal and Conservative MPs. A 2003 ministerial directive forbids the Mounties from conducting surveillance on organized political, religious or labour union meetings.

Yet, our Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day thinks everything will be peachy once he hires a new police commissioner (oh, and anyway, it was the Liberals fault all of this happenned):

The Conservative government is dismissing calls for a public inquiry into the RCMP, saying the pending appointment of a new RCMP commissioner will fix what ails the force. Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day yesterday said a broader public inquiry would be too costly and take too long…Day insisted yesterday that all the RCMP’s problems “took place under the former Liberal regime.

Well then Minister Day, if that’s the case, what are you afraid of if holding an inquiry shows these new allegations happened on the Liberals watch? That claim is a bit of a red herring, because its the senior members of the RCMP are being accused of doing this, not the Liberals. It kind of makes you wonder about how politicized and entangled the RCMP and the Conservatives have become with one another.


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