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We’ve seen this movie before. More Tory attack ads.

Did this surprise anyone today?

The television, radio and Internet ads accuse Dion of being a weak leader who can’t direct the Liberal senators to support term limits for the Red Chamber. The Conservative Party today released its latest round of television and radio advertisements attacking Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion.

So the Tories have now gotten to the point of trying to claim Stephane Dion is “not a leader” over the term limits bill? This is nothing more then an obvious attempt to try and get Canadians to change the channel and forget about the Conservatives weak environmental plans and the Afghan detainees debacle. I’m not the only one saying that either:

The ad seen by observers as a desperate attempt by the Conservative Party, which is flagging in the opinion polls, to shore up support in Alberta and British Columbia where Senate reform is considered a priority.

I’m not sure that it’s so much a priority that BC and Albertans will be angered if it takes a little longer to impose term limits on Senators, which is what the Liberal Senators say they will do, with some amendments. The Tories apparently believe that spending their extra money on more attack ads will turn their flagging fortunes around. Why else would you throw up attack ads – on the Senate of all things -, with an election not expected til the fall or even the Spring of 2008? At some point, Canadians are going to get bored of this obvious trick, and it will not resonate, or it will backfire on the Tories.

Even if Senate reform is as big as an issue out west as the Tories somehow think, I personally believe that if there is any hay to be made on electoral reform, its in advocating voting reforms for the H of C. That, in my view, is the way to counter such trivial tinkering with the Senate that is being lauded by Harper as some great democratic reform. Throw the House of Commons electoral reform in his face, and start saying that’s where the relevant voting reforms are needed.

I am hoping that the vague mention of looking at electoral reform that Liz May and Dion mentioned at their joint conference on not running a Liberal against Peter McKay might be the precursor to some bigger announcement during an election campaign on that specific issue.


10 comments to We’ve seen this movie before. More Tory attack ads.

  • All we have to do is abolish that retirement home for party hacks and bagmen and then we can get on with tackling real problems.  Just think of it. We will never have to talk about the Senate again.  Sounds like heaven to me.

  • Hey Wilson, is your head so far up your butt that you can kiss your prostate?Dion isn't against term limits of senators; however, he does not think Harpor's attempt to create a duplicate house of commons would be the most effective or the best check 'n balance. Dion's version is to extend the terms from eight years to 10 or 12 years, therefore stopping the occasional sweep from creating a pseudo-monopoly of the governmental branch.But of course, to achieve all he wants to achieve, which he has hidden well so far, he'd need a mirror-image chamber of sober thought.The Senate has its own time frame to discuss and percolate on these matters. Isn't that the way it's suppose to work? Besides, I guess the Tory senators are still thumbing through their copies of how to 'thwart the democratic process' like their HoC Con members…

  • wilson61

    I remember Dion signalling the Senate to pass the bill, with a time limit ammendment.Why is the Liberal Senate ignoring Dion?The ads were launched on the one year anniversary of the bill being held up in the Senate.IMO the ads target the Senate for ignoring Dion. 

  • Not sure.. but I'd just recommend using the editor to do your links and bold/italics and so on with; much simpler to use.. and more of a sure thing that things will work. (you have to highlight a word with your cursor to be able to create a link using the editor btw).

    I'll try and edit your comment so things show up better.

  • Bailey

    Hmmm… why didn't the coding work above…

  • Bailey

    Back to the lameness of the Kyoto Blog, it reminds me of something that I read in Macleans by Jamie J. Weinman about how Fox News and their right wing attempt at the Daily Show is unfunny.

    My favourite part of the article is this: Gavin McNett, a writer for the liberal humour blog, doesn’t think so. He says today’s conservatives have a “hermetic, self-referential world view” that leads them to mistake talking points for jokes. “Referencing one of their common shibboleths often serves the purpose that humour would serve,” he continues.

    And it’s true. Stephen Taylor quotes that Kyoto’s Blog will be the best Liberal blog there is. They think it’s funny but clearly it’s not. It’s nothing more than a talking point. That comment about rather being in France is lame and not the least bit funny….

  • Er… how is the Kyoto blog anti-French and racist, Quebecois? Give me an example(s)

  • Quebecois

    The Kyoto blog is anti-French and racist.  I hope that english canada does not support this comments! 

  • Bailey

    You should check out the website.  The blog by Kyoto is fairly lame too….. I like humour as much as the next guy but I rolled my eyes more than anything in reading that.   I really can't believe they are running ads against Dion over the term limits for Senators.  I don't think it's that much of a issue that will attract people over to the Conservatives for votes…..but I'm probably wrong because I'm not the genius that Patrick Muttart is apparently.

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