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Your morning roundup of Tory ministers attempting damage control

John Baird went to a meeting with his provincial environment minister counterparts and got taken to task for the governments Green Plan (Part 2) :

A number of ministers emerged from a closed-door meeting with Baird saying they were disappointed with the government for failing to set a hard cap on industries that produce greenhouse gas emissions.

Baird of course decided to continue parroting the line that this was the “toughest plan ever”, but that was later contradicted by environmental groups who have studied his plan. In fact, the Pembina Institute calculates that these loopholes they’ve found in the plan means that Canada’s emissions will increase over the next 13 years. A complete analysis of the plan can be found in PDF format here.

The other Minister who was trying to sooth troubled waters was Stockwell Day. After the Toronto Star report yesterday that his firearms advisory panel was made up totally of gun buffs, he was claiming in Question Period that they were just a few of many people he listens to for advice on this issue. According to some students at Dawson College however, it appears he listens and takes to heart much of what those gun buffs say on the advisory panel.. so much so he recommended Dawson College Students read up on 1 specific member’s report lauding that everyone be allowed to carry concealed weapons:

Day cited Mauser’s work as a reply to Dawson College’s concerns about gun control in the wake of the Sept. 13, 2006 shooting that killed one student and wounded 19 others. In a letter sent to the college shortly after he visited the school several months ago, Day attached some research from Mauser and urged that it be read. “I was very disturbed to see that the minister who is supposedly responsible for public security would be quoting the name of such an individual in this fashion,” Rahilly said. “Gary Mauser is very vocal in his support for the carrying of concealed weapons by citizenry. ” Mauser’s arguments in favour of concealed weapons are contained in a 2002 paper he wrote for the Fraser Institute, titled “More Guns, Less Crime.”

In otherwards, stuff that you would typically see from the National Rifle Association in the US; the more guns the better! Apparently we allow everyone to pack a piece, and crime/shootings will magically go down.

It’s no wonder Harper will probably prorogue Parliament very soon. He’s got too many fires on his hands, and he probably thinks an extended break is needed for them to burn out.


4 comments to Your morning roundup of Tory ministers attempting damage control

  • Heh.. I can’t help that.

    They work for me.



    Edit – I added in where I thought your paragraph breaks were, Jimbobby.

  • Yer new editor didn't put my paragraph spaces in.

  • Whooee! I see yer sportin’ a fancy new comment editer editor. Nice.

    Stockboy! What a numbnuts. This play of loadin’ the panel with people who think like him is straight outta that dirty tricks book that nobuddy seems to wanna talk about. When they do stuff straight outta the 200 page book, the opposition oughta be quotin’ chapter an’ verse an’ makin’ it a publick record how the Cons usin’ the playbook an’ pushin’ their own agenda despite the will o’ the majority o’ Canajuns. In the aftermath of the Trawna school shootin’, we’re bein’ told that handguns are already illegal enough but we got Stockby’s advisor wantin’ everybuddy to be carryin’ concealed weapons. It’s hard to conceal a long gun, so what he’s advocatin’ is more handguns. Smart. If yer wantin’ GSW’s to be so common that everybuddy knows what a GSW is an’ the ER’s are full of ’em. The way I hear tell, we got fewer guns and less crime than the Merkans. The Brits got pretty tough gun laws, too, an’ they don’t have so many killin’ each other like the Merkans do.

    The big trouble fer Canada is guns is easy to buy over in Merka and easy to smuggle over. We ain’t gonna change the Merkan gun laws an’ there’s only so much they can do at the border. I reckon maybe all we can do is toughen up the penalty fer illegal handgun possession an’ throw the book at any bad guys who use guns. Most everybuddy knows you don’t try smugglin’ dope — even a single joint — into Singapore. You might get the death penalty. I ain’t fer the death penalty but if the word was out that handgun smugglin’ and/or possession would land you in Kingston fer at least 5 years, Canada could have the same sterling international reputation fer justice as Singapore. We probbly don’t need to crack down so hard on the gum-chewers.JB

  • slg

    Another indication  that the CPC are desperate?  They are running another series of attack ads against Dion – the usual "is not a leader" junk. Wow – everytime Harper does the attack ad thing, it makes me think Dion does have something going for him and Harper is scared.  You don't need to attack if you are not worried – especially when it's not election time. The CPC are losing ground and they're proving it.  Better watch out CPC – Binns did the attack thing in PEI – and we all know how that went.

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