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The Sens aren’t *Canada’s Team*; so say fans of other Canadian-based teams.

Another small break from political discourse to talk about the opening game of the Stanley Cup tonight: I see TSN found some obviously intelligent hockey fans out there who don’t buy into the “Support Ottawa because they’re representing Canada” malarkey I’ve been seeing going around:

“Anaheim has a lot of good Canadian stars. You got guys like Pronger, you got Giguere, and the Niedermayer brothers. So if you want to talk about Canada’s team, really, Anaheim’s it.”

This was a quote from a Leafs fan who makes the obvious point if the Leafs were in the Finals, Sens fans would be cheering for Anaheim “till the bitter end”. It wasn’t just Leafs fans either stating they’d cheer for the Ducks. Habs fans aren’t crazy about the Sens either:

In Montreal, season ticket-holder Dave Kaufman said it’s ridiculous to expect Habs fans to cheer for a bitter divisional rival that his team plays eight times a year. “There’s this pan-Canadian sentiment that you’re obligated to cheer for a Canadian team,” he said. “In 2004, the idea that Edmontonians would cheer for Calgary was beyond me.” Jason Tsoukas, a Canadiens fan living in Ottawa, said he’s also rooting for the Ducks. “It’s not as if this is the Olympics and it’s Canada versus the States.”

Calgary fans aren’t going in for this “Cheer for Ottawa because they represent Canada”either:

For Olie Kornelsen, a Calgary Flames fan in Toronto, regional affiliations trump national ones. He said he likes the Ducks because they’re “a western team” that plays a more interesting brand of hockey.

And just to rub it in a bit more, check this poll out:

Anti-Sens sentiment in Canada isn’t limited to Leafs fans – a point underscored by a recent Decima Research survey.The poll suggested that 24 per cent of the 1,000-plus people surveyed between May 17 and 20 named Toronto as Canada’s team, while 22 per cent picked the Montreal Canadiens and just 15 per cent chose the Senators.

My only beef with the TSN Article is the title. I think there will be more then “Some” Canadians cheering for the Ducks. I think there will be a significant # doing so.

In conclusion:

Go Ducks Go!

GO DUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


18 comments to The Sens aren’t *Canada’s Team*; so say fans of other Canadian-based teams.

  • I'm a diehard Canucks fan.  Go Sens!

  • Observer

    I could say a word or two about the Memorial Cup as well.You remember the Memorial Cup right?  It was so named to commemerate Canadians WW1 effort.  Unsurprisingly, this year's tournament had two non-Canadian teams.  How does that work?Shouldn't these be the real questions rather than Ducks vs Senators?We would never have to this issue in any other country I know of.

  • Observer

    Can anyone name any other "first world" country that has its so-called "national sport" (lacrosse aside) run by another country and where its major trophy is awarded to teams in another country.As a political blog of sorts, shouldn't the real question be why we even have to have this "Canada's team" discussion at all. I'm pretty darn sure that hockey back in the 194os (when the Stanley Cup was given to the NHL)  and in the 1970s was all run exclusively by white-guy true Canadians so you can't blame the immigrants or multiculturalism on this sad state of affairs.

  • Gayle

    Dylan, I do not know where you were during the Oilers playoff run, but I was right here, in Oil country, basking in the glow of living in the home of Canada's team. I realize that the entire country was not wearing Oilers jerseys, or displaying Oilers flags (though, truth be told, Oilers fans are truly the best fans in the world :)), but the Oilers were called Canada's team. I know the Oilers message boards were flooded with fans from other teams cheering them on. KC – the Sens have tons of support here. One problem in Alberta are the small minded stupids who equate hockey with politics (as in, we cannot support Ottawa because it is in Ontario), but I think that is more media than anything else. I certainly have not heard anyone saying that.However, the biggest problem in Edmonton is who do we hate more – Pronger or Comrie? It is a tough call, but I am going with Pronger.

  • KC

    I should that note that I, and other Ottawa supporters, will remember the lack of support for other Canadian teams that was shown this playoff the next time someone elses team is in the final (even though Vancouver is my favourite team Ottawa has long been a strong second).  If the Leafs, Habs whoever want a strong cheering section next time they make it far (long long into the future) they should plug their nose and cheer. 

  • KC

    Fine Scott.  If appeals to patriotism don't sway you here is a baser argument in favour of the Sens.  Anaheim suck!  I hope Ottawa wipes the floor with their duck asses. 

  • But as to Rachel's point… How can this be judged?  I mean a Habs fan could slash my tires and yell at me in a bar and I could generalize that they're all anti-Leaf fans and that could go for any team.I just think the sideshow circus (media and the fan stories) is suuuuuuch a joke.It's been a long nine days.  Someone please just drop the puck so everyone can start talking about who is the better TEAM finally!

  • When it was VCVR or MTL or Calgary, we Ottawans were happy to cheer for the canadian team in the finals. Its nice to see that pettiness and stupidity reign in hockey fan circles. How small of you!(BTW, this excludes Habs fans, who have been quite supportive and even come to the games).

  • Oh, I agree, Scott.My point though was that it was only the Leaf fan who had to justify the decision. The others were straight forward; division rival, more exciting hockey, no mumbo-jumbo on Canadian content such that came out of the basement-dwelling fan.As you have aptly demonstrated with your quotes: Montrealers and Westerners are obviously straight-forward folks, plain speaking without embellishment, Toronto folks on the other hand speak with forked tongue.Cheers,lance

  • I think it's so dumb how we and the media get so wrapped up in who is cheering for who and how many fans there are for each team.please.  Do a poll in the U.S. about the Hurricanes and/or Lightning.  Most people probably don't know anything about any of those teams but they still won the Cup.

  • What I don't like is all this "Canada's Team" business for the Sens while the far more dramatic playoff runs by Calgary and Edmonton never got the kind of force-fed national attention that the Sens do.  Just cause Ottawa is the capital of the country and they are in the finals doesn't make the Sens "Canada's" team. Furthermore, for all those dillusional Leaf fans, neither does it make Toronto just because at one point they were the only team in Anglophone Canada to cheer for and because they have a Maple Leaf on their jerseys. Perhaps if the Sens were playing the Washington Capitals it would feel more Canada vs. US, but as it is right now I'm cheering for the best team. Which in itself is a tough pick. I think the Sens will win it in 6, but if the Ducks take the cup I won't be disheartened.

  • Dawg: Same question to you goes to the other readers.. you didnt read the rest of the article? Well…  other fans dont like the Sens either.. and they arent all Leafs fans.

  • Umm.. Lance.. did you miss the part where the blogpost nd article said that the Habs fans didnt like them either.. or the Flames fan? I know its a reflex out West to focus on "Toronto" and all your hatred – particularly in hockey – but there are others who dont see the need to cheer for them either.  🙂

  • <i>This was a quote from a Leafs fan</i>I stopped reading right there.

  • I agree with Gayle (WHAT???) The Leaf fan quoted is obviously just miffed that a large percentage of Canadians can't remember the last time his team won. I mean really, I cheer for the Riders because they are the team in Saskatchewan. If another CFL team had more Saskatchewan boys on it wouldn't mean I'm going to cheer for them instead.I'm not saying that the Leafs fans should cheer for Ottawa (clearly the superior team to cheer for), just that claiming Canadian content is simply a self-defence mechanism so that the fan can find an excuse (any excuse) to justify their obvious mistake in choosing their sorry excuse for a hockey team.Some people will do anything to avoid looking like fools.Cheers,lance

  • I'm cheering for good hockey.  May the best team win!

  • Gayle

    Scott – get over it. Anaheim sucks. Their fans are nasty. Go Sens Go!!!!!

  • Probably one of those phony online polls…

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