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Conservatives stack another panel – this time the firearms advisory committee.

If you had any doubt as to this Conservative government’s attitude towards guns and gun control, this bit of news the Toronto Star has uncovered should dispel all remaining doubts. The Conservatives have stacked the firearms advisory committee with people who either are advocates of weaker gun control or who wish to kill the national firearms registry, and what’s more, unlike prior governments, they’ve done all these appointments in secret:

Its dozen members include a man who argued that more guns in the hands of students would have helped in the recent Virginia Tech massacre, in which 32 people were killed, and another shooting aficionado who described a weapon used in last September’s Dawson College killings in Montreal as “fun” The Public Safety Minister’s office recruited the panel members but did not, as has been the practice in previous governments, issue any public announcement about the appointments. Nor does it seem to have included any panel members with expertise on suicide or sociological factors behind gun crime, as previous governments have attempted to do.

If you’re wondering, the Public Safety Minister’s office picked all these people (a list of who is on the committee is in the article). That would be Stockwell Day’s office. Somehow, “public safety” seems to be a bit of an oxymoron in this particular case. The Toronto Star article goes on to argue that the committee’s pro-gun tilt lends to the perception that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is out of step with urban concerns on firearms violence – especially in Toronto.

To be honest, I’m not surprised that they would do this kind of stacking, nor that they would try not to publicize who they’ve picked, as they know well that the general public reaction would be (and will be) negative in the urban areas and Quebec – areas they need votes in. What is telling to me is that they feel the need to stack a gun advisory committee with all people of a pro-gun viewpoint – “gun buffs”, as the Star describes them – with a view that everyone in their government already subscribes to as it is. Apparently, they need reassurances or cheering on from a committee that they’re doing the right thing; or they just can’t brook dissent or others telling them they’re out to lunch on this issue. I’d be more apt to believe the latter over the former, considering Harper’s low toleration for dissent to his viewpoints.


9 comments to Conservatives stack another panel – this time the firearms advisory committee.

  • sassy

    Stack another panel and print more quidebooks!It is one thing after another with this government.  Have to keep a list to keep track of it all – depressing. 

  • Even though I favour dismantling the gun registry because of its ineffectiveness, I am against weakening our gun control laws overall.  If anything licencing of guns should be tightened and hand guns should be banned for everyone except target shooters and they should have to leave their guns at the range, no taking them home.  Collectors should be allowed to keep their guns only if they have them disabled so that they are inoperable.  I also support banning all guns that are not used for hunting or target shooting.

  • I had left-over soup for breakfast this morning, yet didn't issue a press release stating that. Is this considered a secret as well? What's with the insults? Calm down.

  • More dissembling from Aaron as per usual. Obviously you didnt bother to read the first part of the article, which I will now quote for you:

    The Conservative government’s firearms advisory committee, appointed and operating in virtual secrecy,
    is made up almost entirely of pro-gun advocates opposed to the firearms registry.

    And how did the Star find this out? By public information given out by the Conservatives? Nope:

    In background research obtained and confirmed by the Star, members of the Conservatives’ committee have shown themselves to be vocal proponents of gun use…Inquiries to Breitkreuz and the Public Safety department were referred to Day’s office, but Day was travelling and his officials responded with only general information.

    It’s all there Aaron to tell you it was “secret”. As is usual with you and your Conservative Kool-Aid drinkers, you just ignored it.. or didnt bother to read it.

  • Aaron,Please explain the difference "in secret" and "did not…issue any public announcement…"

  • There's a bit of a difference between "in secret" and "did not…issue any public announcement…", wouldn't you say?

  • slg

    Harper has done the same thing – a panel on stem cell research most of which a pro-lifers, etc.Interesting to me also, that Rudy Guiliani and Michael Bloomberg – both republicans and former and current mayors of New York want gun control.So, I ask myself, how much did the NSR donate to Harper's campaign in 2002 – you know, the "hidden" donations?Surely, a father and city guy like Harper would be interested in gun control.   How much is he indebted to the NSR.  

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  • […] Conservatives stack another panel – this time the firearms advisory committee. […]

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