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Dumont may not mind taking power..

I’ve seen some people say that in a scenario where the Liberals in Quebec are defeated by the combined opposition parties and the Lieutenant Governor asks Dumont and the ADQ if they want to try forming a government first, Dumont might reject it because he knows he doesn’t have the star power to be able to run Cabinet.

The statements he’s made lately however, shows otherwise, particularly in light that he’s contradicting himself on other statements he’s made prior about this situation:

If the budget is defeated next Friday, newly appointed Lt.-Gen. Pierre Duchesne (who has not yet been sworn in) would be faced with a choice of asking the ADQ to form a government – Dumont has previously suggested that would be anti-democratic, but yesterday said “we will be ready to assume our responsibilities” – or dissolving the assembly.

That to me doesn’t look like someone who is shying away from forming the government if asked. Quite honestly, I don’t buy the argument he doesn’t want power. If we go by polls now, the Liberals would fall to 3rd place, and the ADQ may very well win a snap election… so I don’t see the difference between the 2 scenarios, other then the ADQ might win a few more seats out of it. My prediction is if the Quebec Liberals don’t compromise, and their government falls.. and the L.G. does indeed ask Dumont to form the government, he’ll accept.

Some say that would be a disaster or make no sense for the PQ to support the ADQ, but I don’t agree with that either. Their strategy may be that they don’t believe the ADQ is ready to govern either, and that a taste of them in power for the Quebec electorate with such an inexperienced team (and one with a few MNA’s with some very strong, even extreme views on certain matters) would get them voted out of office toute de suite.


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