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Kudos to a Tory.

Actually, kudos to John Tory, provincial leader for the Ontario Progressive Conservative party, for showing that he at least still shows the “progressive” part of the name has meaning. He is an “honorary distinguished patron” at the at the Isabel Bader Theatre, part of the 17th annual Inside Out Toronto Gay and Lesbian Film and Video Festival, and he is making no secret of it.

He says he is trying to show that his party is a “big tent” party. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, but I’m pretty sure Mike Harris or Ernie Eves would never have gone near an event like this, much less be a patron for it. So, my props to John Tory today on that front for having the courage to put his name out front on this, when his more conservative supporters might not care for it.


11 comments to Kudos to a Tory.

  • No.. I'm setting the bar low for Conservatives who have difficulty thinking the same way Mr. Tory does. Stop twisting my words. Continue your trolling, Aaron, and your stay here will be very short

  • So what you're saying is that gay people <i>aren't</i> the devil incarnate and that they're people just like everyone else? Wow. You sure do set the bar high for being progressive around here.

  • Gee Aaron..  could it be perhaps that Mr. Tory is socially tolerant of them – even understanding that they aren't the Devil Incarnate, and are people just like anyone else –  and perhaps that's why he's there?

    It's  less to do with them being a "left-wing interest group" and more accurate to say they're a minority that have been oppressed for quite a long time,  and I'm glad to see not all Conservatives are neanderthals, like apparently you are, Aaron.

  • "..and his winning elections had nothing to do with his stances on the gay community."It had alot to do with his refusal to suck up to silly new left interests. Which is unfortunately more than can be said for the wussy Mr. Tory. Another lack of understanding by Scott Tribe…how unshocking.

  • Oldschool, you realize that if you just left them alone to live their lives as they see fit, instead of screaming about how supposedly "immoral" and "evil" they are or trying to legilsate against them at every turn, they would get no attention at all. Or at least the same amount of attention that the parade for the CHIN picnic, or Greek Independence day or Caribana gets.And incase you missed it, just about every other event can be considered a "heterosexual" event, so get over yourself.

  • slg

    Gosh, it wouldn't be because it's an election year by any chance?  I'm not impressed.

  • Mike Harris, of course, was an ass and a demogogue and is one of the most hated people in Ontario for what he did to our province for 8 years. Which is why you see John Tory returning to the true PC/Red Tory/Bill Davis roots of the party. John Tory is a true Progressive Conservative, not a backward thinking, socially conservative Reformer, like his federal counterparts. And if Tory wins in October, it will be just because he is definitely NOT Mike Harris.As we like to say, the best think Mike Harris ever did was make Bob Rae look good.

  • ..and his winning elections had nothing to do with his stances on the gay community.  Another red herring statement from Aaron Unruh.. how unshocking.

  • Mike Harris, of course, was a winner.

  • I think its noteworthy when a leader of a party not exactly known for its inclusiveness or tolerance of a minority group like the gay and lesbian community is proud to be a patron of one such event.

    Maybe his followers will realize that its time to stop demonizing that community and accept them for who they are, even if you don’t agree with their lifestyle.

  • Oldschool

    Isn’t it amazing that only 2 or 3% of the population gets soo much attention . . . how many of these characters would have attended a “Hererosexual” gathering and how many media outlets would have covered it???

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