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Mass hysteria.

Remember what I mused about in the prior blogpost about the Blogging Tories members and their allies on the net seemingly obsessed with what Garth Turner says and does? Well, we find out from Garth that the right-wing wackos at Free Dominion (he called them the new “reform Party” – he’s being much too generous with that description of them – a more apt description would be the lunatic fringe of the far right-wing in Canada) are now in on the act, or perhaps its part of a concerted campaign against Mr. Turner:

We must be out in force at his meetings to remind people of his past. The fact that HE VOTED TO TAX INCOME TRUSTS is apparently not important to him. We must remind the public that he called those who oppose SSM the Christian Taliban. We need to remind the public why there must never be a Liberal Government again, and why it is best to demolish the Liberal Party in the next election.

As I said prior, the obsession with Mr Turner by the screaming banshees from the right-wing swampland is humourous to watch. If it was any other Liberal or opposition MP, I doubt you’d even see a murmur from them.


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  • Holy cow, you’re a precise judge. I’ll keep that distinction in mind. :em70:

  • I didnt call you an idiot.. I said you acted like one. :em62:

  • “Act civil, Aaron and you’ll be fine. Start insulting people like I felt you were before, and you won’t be.”

    I’ll try hard. I won’t call people idiots.

  • Lynne

    Obviously, Garth is hitting a sore spot – getting too close to the truth. Otherwise there would be no need to attack.

    The Blogging Tories wackos are actually giving themselves away. If Garth wasn’t hitting on the truth, he would be ignored.

    Love it.

  • Your primary IP was banned (and still is on the ban list). You’ve evidently started using an IP that has 2 different #’s at the end… Perhaps your ISP assigned yu a different IP address this time around.

    Act civil, Aaron and you’ll be fine. Start insulting people like I felt you were before, and you won’t be.

    And stop with the semantics on Turner. It’s well known and you can see it all the time that when Turner gets up to ask stuff in QP the hooting and heckling is twice as bad, and the Ministers he asks go out of their way to call him a floor-crosser/traitor/and opining he should resign, rather then actually answering his question. Their fans in the blogosphere as evident by the last 2 stories aren’t much better.

  • Slipped through? That would seem to suggest some sneakiness on my part. I typed the URL into the subject bar and the site came up. Not exactly Jack Bauer-esque on my part, but I’ll take compliments where I can get them.

    As for letting me stay: If you don’t want me to comment, then just ask me not to. It’s your blog.

    “…the Blogging Tories and their allies are following the lead of their heros in Parliament by spending an undue amount of time going after Turner.”

    An undue amount of time? It seems that the only attention the government pays Turner is when Van Loan stands up to answer Turner’s questions in QP or when Turner insults someone’s car. If you can think of anything else, let me know. Because from where I’m standing, Garth’s blog is a really bad place from which to gauge Garth’s importance.

  • Hmm.. I see you slipped thru my current ban I had on you Aaron, for acting like an idiot.

    I’ll let you stay for now.. I’m in a good mood. :em41:

    My commentary in general is on your side’s obsession with him. My arguing with Antonio is more to do with an MSN messaging back and forth in which he claims there are as many whackos on the left as there are on the right. I begged to differ with him there.. and I guess my commentary to him here is more a continuation of that, then what the fine folks at Free Dominion are planning on doing

    We’ll see what they end up doing at these meetings or how many of them even show up, but all they’re doing is making my case for me that the Blogging Tories and their allies are following the lead of their heros in Parliament by spending an undue amount of time going after Turner.

  • Since when is encouraging people to attend public meetings “wacko behavior”? Seems like a pretty good manifestation of civil society to me. When they start throwing molotov cocktails, then I’ll agree with you. But for now: Man, what’s your conception of democracy like?

  • “Well Aaron, maybe you should send along that advice to Johnny, LOL”

    I would if I knew who Johnny was.

    I don’t really get the bewilderment here. Garth seems to enjoy going on to his blog and provoking the people who got him elected last time. I can appreciate that, in a perverse way. But all the whining and “woe is me” when people actually respond to those provocations? Come on. Not cool.

    Are these sorts of retaliations exclusive to Conservatives? I can introduce you to some panes of glass in Vancouver-Kingsway who will tell you otherwise. There might even still be some Liberals there slinging manure (literally).

  • There is a lot more wacko behaviour on the right wing then on the left, and way more then in the centre, Antonio.

  • This is not unique to Tories Scott

    Remember the call by a certain blogger to picket Wajid Khan’s car dealership?

  • sassy


    I took a few clicks over to Free Dominion and could not help but notice “Regardless of your personal position on income trusts, it is important to stop this hypocrite at all costs.” Yes it does seem to be an obsession.

    ../it is important to stop this hypocrite at all costs. Strong words like that are worth a screen shot in case “at all costs” goes full out and there is some deleting/coverup 🙁

    obsession” is an understatement.

  • I agree Jim Bobby – Turner is a daily read on my feed – royally entertaining – I have never figured out the obsession certain Conservatives have with him.

    When this Nathan guy identified himself as a Blogging Tory at the Town Hall, did he think he’d get kicked out?
    In his dreams.
    “Are you with the CBC?”

    Turner’s comment section gets rough, you have to wonder how many Conservative faithful have been assigned to go over and hassle him, (they are there within minutes of a post going up) the fact informative discussion goes on in spite of the obessive few is a plus for the rest of us.

  • Whooee! Garth sure is the whippin’ boy like yer sayin’, Scotty. I reckon he probbly seen that comin’ when he saddled up with the Grit’s posse. I think the best part is the idea of Boogin’ Tories goin’ out an’ identifyin’ themselves as Boogin’ Tories an’ then makin’ dang publick idjits of themselves. Yeow! That’s a backfirin’ move, sez I.

    I like ol’ Garth. I leave a comment once in a while but his commentin’ gabfests go on an’ on an’ sometimes it’s just some mudslingers goin’ back an’ forth. Garth’s a credit to the Canajun boogeysphere with his open commentin’ policy. I like it that he reads and answers comments, too.


  • Well Aaron, maybe you should send along that advice to Johnny, LOL

  • I fully agree. Garth should be ignored.

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