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A skewed interpretation of democracy.

This is pretty funny: According to one Blogging Tory who showed up at one of Garth Turner’s income trust town hall meeting, public gatherings shouldn’t be held in Conservative ridings if its being hosted by someone other then a Conservative:

Nathan Macmillan’s assignment Wednesday night was to get himself to the Queensville Community Centre, there by the ball diamond, and expose my Town Hall meeting. By the time QP started with the small but robust crowd, Nathan was on his feet, shooting directly into people’s faces. Are you from the CBC?, I asked. “No,” he said. “I’m from the Blogging Tories.” …He also volunteered it was wrong for me, a Liberal MP, to invade the riding of a Conservative, in order to hold a public meeting.

I trust that also holds true for Stephen Harper when he’s making policy announcements in non-Conservative ridings, Nathan? Next thing you know, he’ll be asserting that all opposition party leaders can’t campaign in Conservative MP’s ridings during an election campaign (but of course, that wouldn’t be true for Steve doing it in reverse, because he’s the Prime Minister).

By the way, I am rather amused at a lot of the BT’s almost obsessive fixation on Garth. It seems to mirror the Conservatives in the House, who always go after Garth in QP harder then most, and try to make reference of him being a turncoat and so on (conveniently forgetting he was kicked out by them.. and was an independent MP first, unlike Wajid Khan or David Emerson, who directly crossed over).

I guess standing up to the control freak Harper angers them or something.


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