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Another new poll, another dead heat. Optimism for Liberals according to Decima

Yes, yes, the 2nd part of the title is partisan, but I’m only repeating what Decima says in their new poll:

While the Conservatives and Liberals remain in a dead heat in political support, a new poll suggests the Liberals have more room for growth..The Decima survey, made available exclusively to The Canadian Press, says 80 per cent of voters are decided or leaning to one of the five federal political parties, but almost a quarter say the Liberals would be their second choice… Anderson said…the survey suggests that the Conservatives will have to out-campaign the Liberals and hope that NDP and Green support stays solid if they are to win the next election

Oh, as for the poll results:

The poll gives the Tories 33 per cent support overall, with 31 per cent for the Liberals, 17 per cent NDP, 10 per cent Green and eight per cent favouring the Bloc Quebecois. The weekly survey of 1,000 people is said to be accurate within 3.1 percentage points 19 times out of 20, meaning the Conservatives and Liberals are essentially tied within the margin of error.

That means to me that if Dion runs a competent election campaign and “pleasantly surprises” people because they have low expectations from Conservative attack ads and the media at times criticizing his performance, the Liberals have an excellent chance of winning.


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  • Undecided voter

    Only dogs like polls, unless of course there in your favour and Decima has a questionable audience as do most of the others. :em42:
    None of the three main parties seem to be making any headway.

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