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Karzai: Of COURSE we don’t torture here.

One of my commenter’s in the prior blogpost -Slg- made the prediction that Harper was probably in Afghanistan over the detainee issue, and that he’d probably get President Karzai to say there is no torture or something.

Slg, like Ralph Goodale, has apparently also figured out Harper or got an appointment with Harper’s psychic image consultant. Look what Karzai had to say today:

Karzai eagerly tossed Harper a lifeline on the detainees issue that has given the Conservative government an almost-daily pounding from the opposition in Ottawa. ..”I’m aware of the news and the consequent controversy in Canada,” Karzai said, with Harper beside him. “I made personal calls to the people concerned in Kandahar … We do not have any such case of torture.” He said it wasn’t clear whether the more than two dozen torture victims mentioned in a Canadian newspaper report were even prisoners held by the Afghan government. Karzai offered no guarantee that torture never occurs in Afghanistan, but he said reports to the contrary were “probably” not true.

Not bad Slg.. not bad.

By the way, is it just me, or am I the only one not willing to take Karzai’s assurances at face value? This is similar to the Tories in the House announcing a few weeks ago that the Afghan’s would “investigate themselves”whether any cases of torture were going on. The opposition was incredulous then that we would take them at their word, and I’m skeptical at Karzai’s assurances now.


17 comments to Karzai: Of COURSE we don’t torture here.

  • slg


    Duh – JP – the troops were never accused – duh.

    JP – do you have proof there wasn’t torture?

  • It should be ‘NO wmd…


    “Amerikun intelligence that KNEW there was NO wmd sculking in Iraq.”

  • Hey Wilson, the CONs in opposition played into plenty of people’s hands, terrorists included. But they especially showed no resistance to smearing people at the bequest of some ‘American intelligence’, yep, same Amerikun intelligence that KNEW there was wmd sculking in Iraq. Remember Arar? How’d your boy measure up when it came to investigating claims that this Canadian was a terrorist? Did they ask questions, demand answers and stand behind the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ litmus test that our judicial system is based on?
    Or did they saddle up, whip their horses into a frenzy, shout ‘Terrorist!’ and ‘You’re protecting a Terrorist!’ while all the while blurring the lines between ‘them’ and ‘us’… If you prefer Bush’s frontier justice, I might suggest that the wild west wasn’t tamed at the end of a gun, but through the process of integration of ‘settlers’ and ‘modern technology’.
    As far as propaganda goes, terrorists have learned from the best. Just look at the Republican White House and how it used the media to silence critics to their Iraq invasion plan, despite all the evidence that showed they were wrong and ill-prepared. And I’m not going to forget that your boy wanted us there. Never.

  • wilson61

    Terrorists are very good at the propaganda war. They know the best way to defeat the very professional Canadian military, is at home, not on the battlefield.
    So they trot out some (likely paid) victims, dutifully the G&M scoop the story.
    The opps jump at the chance to attack, critize and degrade the Government of Canada.
    The terrorists smile.

    Now that’s predictable…..been going on since Canadians kicked Libs to the curb.
    note to Libs* when in opposition, the Cons NEVER played into the terrorists hands.

  • JP

    “the accusations come from eyewitness accounts of our own soldiers”, this is a false statement. There were undocumented reports of abuse by Afghan officials. Physical abuse and torture are two distinguishable charges. Allegations of torture come from Taliban terrorist sympathizers ie. the liberal left. The Afghan human rights commision claims to have heard rumours that the Taliban detainees turned over to their country are being abused. That’s about it. Besides that all there is is hopeful wishing by the Libs. How great would it be to have our very OWN Abu Graib? Allah willing we will show the true light of the infidel CF’s!

  • “accusations from the Taliban”

    Uhm, the accusations come from eyewitness accounts of our own soldiers, as well as Afghan citizens that have not been shown to be Taliban. I mean, since when is anyone one “guilty until proven innocent”? You seem to be quite ready to assume every Afghan that makes an accusation is therefore Taliban and guilty right? I await your “its in their training manual” excuse.

    And how exactly do we prove anyone is guilty or innocent if we don’t investigate? Typical dimwitted Conservative – assumes everyone is guilty merely because of accusations or investigation and assumes everyone else thinks the same.

    You may want to Google the Senilis Council, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch among others.

    An I will await your highly enetertaining explaination of how an AFghan government, made of former warlords and Taliban and Northern Alliance thugs, who tortured at will through out the 90’s (when the were the government and then the resitance) suddenly don’t do it any more because Harper says they don’t.

    You really are an idiot.

  • JP

    Do you have proof that there WAS torture besides accusations from the Taliban? Who has more credibility, the Taliban terrorists or the PM trying to build a democratic country? Since when was our military guilty until proven innocent>

  • slg

    Knb – you are absolutely right. I’m not brilliant and I didn’t consult with Harper’s psychic – he is truly predictable. Actually, he follows Bush’s tactics. When Bush is in crisis, he visits the troops, sudden terror alert, etc. and since Harper follows what Bush does I put two and two together. Also, Harper has always “cut and run” from stress, opposition, press, and anything/anyone else who doesn’t agree with him. Or, if scandals surface.

    Yup, he’s totally predictable.

    Harper has also indicated that he plans for the Afghan mission to go beyond 2009. Interesting, Bush is pressuring the NATO leader to get more troops, equipment, etc. Obviously, Harper has been following Bush’s orders and probably has told Bush we are staying – so he’s in a bit of a tight corner I’d say.

    Ah, is Bush is charge of NATO now? Does NATO take orders from the U.S.?

  • Sure, if I was Harpor with his shoe freshly dipped in self-inflicted caca, I’d truck over to Afghanistan. It’s a place where politicians rarely have to answer to the media, and the media has to worry about disappearing off the face of the earth. The opposition? Well, the gov’t there can designate anyone it wants as ‘enemy of the people.’ Lets not pretend that Karzai or his neighbour in Pakistan desire an open democracy. In their corner of the globe, gov’ts rule with an iron fist. Yes, that’s why Harpor has landed, besides to get some distracting photo ops out of the way. He feels at home there.
    Don’t take my criticism as an endorsement of the Taliban. There are differing shades of good and bad, and definitely, at this stage, Karzai’s form of gov’t is absolutely preferrable. But he’s protecting his backside here. No torture here. And that drug problem? Whatcha talkin about, Willis?
    Ohh, and is he still blocking members of the opposition from showing up in Afghanistan? That was one of the first directives he gave, in another secret memo, that included the Gov-Gen. No need letting others horn in on his photo op.
    And Karzai is ready to talk about Shane Doan, if Harpor so asks.

  • Neil:

    Obviously the UN fellow hasnt been exposed enough to Baird’s snake oil sales pitch he’s done domestically.

    Good response by Steve here

  • Neil Blight

    Hey Scott, you seem to have missed this article in your daily bitch-fest:

  • knb

    Oh, it’s Prairie Kid…kid again.

    Honestly, you add only what is prescribed in the con propaganda manual, 101.

    I for one would welcome your comments, if you added an original thought.

    I am so sick of reading the pap, 13 years, blah, blah, blah. None of it factual, just spin.

    If you have something constructive to add, great, let’s debate.

  • Does it make much sense to let an accused official of say, stealing money from his corporation allow him to do his own investigation? Of course it doesn’t. The same is true of the Afghan’s. Some serious allegations are being made.. and it shouldn’t be them doing the investigating.

    I certainly dont take the word of a President who is desperate to keep NATO and Canadian troops there because he knows he’s in big trouble if they leave. He’d say anything to ensure that they don’t. As others have said and predicted, Harper probably asked him to make a big statement for maximum political impact back here at home.

  • Prairie Kid

    So you take the word of a Taliban fighter who would sooner cut off the head of a rival or shoot a woman in the head because she is educated over an official who’s actually trying to help all people of Afghanastan.

    You should seriously think of joining Taliban Jack and his NDP clan.

  • knb

    I wonder if the G&M reporter is still there? I imagine if his credibility is being questioned, he’ll further suss out truth.

    Not to take anything away from slg or Goodale, but could it be that this guy is just so damned predictable, that you can call these things?

  • I never said I supported Layton or the NDP’s position either, Antonio. I was merely pointing out that poll and making some snarky remarks over the majority of Conservative Party members supporting it while their government accuses everyone else of hating the troops who don’t support their position.

  • ok you have no reason to trust Karzai…

    yet you think we should negotiate with the Taliban to end hostilities and expect them to hold up their end of the bargain?

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