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Interesting poll: Canadians overwhelmingly support negotiations with Taliban.

Jack Layton and the NDP has taken a fair bit of heat from the Conservatives (and some Liberals) for his stance that we should be negotiating with the Taliban an end to the violence in Afghanistan – even so far as to earn the nickname ‘Taliban Jack” (which I find personally to be ridiculous, and I don’t care who says it of him – be it Liberal or Conservative).

Well.. It appears that Jack is on the right side of Canadian public opinion, and overwhelmingly so:

In The Strategic Counsel poll conducted for CTV and The Globe and Mail, there was almost two-to-one support for the notion: Net good idea: 63 per cent. Net bad idea: 32 per cent. “In a way, it’s a very Canadian thing to believe that nothing can’t be solved by sitting across a table and talking,” Peter Donolo of The Strategic Counsel told on Sunday. However, Canadians might also think the mission is a morass, with no real end point in sight, he said.

What’s most interesting to me is this part of the poll:

Donolo said 57 per cent of Conservative Party members supported the idea of negotiations.

A majority of Conservative supporters are apparently Taliban lovers as well, according to Harper, Van Loan and others on the Tory side of the House who’ve been equating criticism of their handling of the mission as meaning everyone but them hates Canadian soldiers.


10 comments to Interesting poll: Canadians overwhelmingly support negotiations with Taliban.

  • I’m not an NDPer either. I don’t care whose idea it was as long as it is seriously considered.

  • Jaker

    One only has to look to Antonio ( to find a Liberal currently railing against the ‘populist’ view that there should be peace negotiations and attacking Layton for being the only politician to support it.

  • Agreed. The Liberals who called Layton Taliban Jack looks like fools now. At some point, we will have to talk to the Taliban. There is no way around that.

  • Don’t worry about the Liberals Leftdog. They will be claiming it was their idea all along, soon enough, if the polls stay this way.

  • Oldschool, your primative approach to politics is pathetic. Your post indicates that you ARE NOT democratic and I assume you would impose your beliefs on ‘dumb Canucks’ if you could. That is where a lot of right wing thinkers are at the moment for those who haven’t yet figured that out.

    Well I have news for you pal, Canadians ARE democratic and we do embrace democracy, and your kind have had your little political moment in the sun and it is about to end.

  • Oldschool

    How would you propose to negotiate with terrorists that have threatened to kill you?
    Like the idea of sending Jack though . . . all you lefties could go along to carry his luggage!!
    I have always said Canucks are really that dumb!!!

  • knb

    Leftdog, I don’t remember too many Liberals that said that, but fair is fair.

    I’m thrilled at the level of sophistication that Canadians have show on this issue. Shame on me for thinking it was waning.

    Poor cons, it’s got to be tough when your rhetoric comes back to bite you.

  • I have a better idea.. how about you come up with something more intelligent to say when you decide to say it, “Undecided Voter”.

  • Undecided voter

    Heres an idea, how about sending Taliban Jack over there to do the negotiations.

  • So while I thumb my nose at bloody Tories who mercilessly attacked Layton for articulating what Canadians believe, I would be remiss if my nose thumbing did not ALSO EXTEND to those Liberal Party supporters on Prog Blogs and elsewhere who proved how close they are to Conservatives, ideologically, by attacking Layton as well for his position.

    And for those to whom it applies – I thumb my nose at you!!!!!!!! I should name names, but I won’t …

    Canada spend decades as peacekeepers, building a reputation internationally of reason and fairness in conflict zones. Harper came along, his nose up Bush’s backside, and decided we were going to be warmakers. That is NOT how Canadians see themselves on the world stage.

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