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Canada’s team 1 win away from advancing to the Stanley Cup

Yes, that would be the Anaheim Ducks – the team  with the most Canadians on their roster of the 3 teams still in contention – who won in Overtime today.

Hopefully, they’ll finish the Dead Things (er.. Red Wings) off next game.

(Hey, its the Victoria Day weekend.. A lack of politics to talk about (unless you want to discuss internal blogfighting.. which I doubt you do) so I think I’m entitled to discuss sports).


10 comments to Canada’s team 1 win away from advancing to the Stanley Cup

  • Louise

    Hey Scott, what better way to celebrate a holiday than with a little humour. 🙂

    GO SENS!

  • Gayle

    billg – Pronger leaving Edmonton had nothing to do with taxes – whatever gave you that idea? It was because his wife did not like it here. Edmonton has the worst schedule of all NHL teams, meaning they are on the road for extended periods of time, which is not something most families like. The rumours that he was having an affair may, or may not be true too…

    Scott, here is why I cheer for the Sens:

  • SensFTW: If you’re cheering for the Sens because you’re an actual Sens fans, I have no issue with you at all. My posting is, to be honest, a sarcastic followup to my prior message where I said these are two teams playing one another… not 2 nations, and should be treated as such.

    Louise: aha.. reverse psychology is it? :em35:

  • Louise

    Please, all you Leafs fan, I beg of you do not cheer for the Sens to win the cup. Your losing trend might rub off on the Sens, the Stanley Cup winners-in-waiting. :em20:

  • SensFTW

    Canada Schmanada. It’s a game. All this stuff about patriotism, whether for the Sens or the Ducks, is irrelevant. I don’t root for the Senators because they are a Canadian based team (they’re hardly the only ones). I don’t root for the Senators because of the number of Canadian players (I can remember most of the names on the lineup, but knowing and actually caring where they’re from is a waste of my time).

    It’s a hockey game. The only thing that matters is who is playing the best hockey. And after so many years of watching my Sens disapoint, so far this playoff season they are playing the best hockey.

  • billg

    You cant reconisder a membership of Leafs Nation, once your deal with the devil is made your in it for life. I like what Healey said yesterday on TSN…if Ottawa wins Lord Stanley’s Cup, the parade should be right down the middle of Young Street. It’d be like throwin’ Holy water! I’m just havin fun. My best friend is a big time Laffs fan….I threw a couple of Sens flags on his lawn Saturday night…I imagine one day I’ll have a few Laffs flags on my lawn too. Come on Scott…say it…Go Sens Go!! Heal your soul and come back to the light!!

  • Heresy, Jeff. I’m officially asking Leafs Nation to reconsider your fan status 🙂

  • the team with the most canadians in the stands will be the sens. is it only about the number of canadian players on the team? why support anaheim? surely our fellow canadians, the good folks in ottawa, are more deserving of a stanley cup than their counterparts in anaheim or ….gulp….detroit?

    i’m a leafs fan but i say “GO SENS GO!”.

  • sassy

    Hello Scott,

    In your first posting you said I’ll be cheering against Ottawa vociferously. and in this posting, you say “Hopefully, they’ll finish the Dead Things (er.. Red Wings) off next game”. If I understand correctly, you mean the Anaheim Ducks will finish the Red Wings off.

    Looks like if it ends up being the Sens vs. the Anaheim Ducks you will be a very busy person, with all that “hoping” and “cheering against”. My unsolicited advice is to rest up. :em19:

    Darren McEwen at “The Most Heart Wrenching Story” (as he, himself pointed out yesterday in his response here “.. the team has certainly earned my respect now”.)

    No matter what the “hockey outcome”, the Sens are winning in the game of life, and that is a game that can be win-win, happy-sad.

    The winning hockey team will take Lord Stanley’s hardware home for a year, and that will be wonderful for that team and their fans,

    Combined with the grief of three-year-old Elgin-Alexander Fraser’s family, will be many memories, some of them will be sweet memories of the joy that a hockey team (the Sens) brought to the last days of little Elgin’s short life, Those memories will last a lifetime.

    Cheer on (or not as is your inclination), have fune, and if you have the time and the inclination, smile for Elgin-Alexander Fraser.

  • billg

    Chris Pronger refused to play in Edmonton, cold weather and high Canadian tax’s. Sean O’Donnell has refuse several trades to Canadian teams…high Canadian tax’s. Scott Neidermeyer turned down any trade talk to any Canadian team…wanted to be in a “warm” city.
    Ottawa has 14 Canadians in a starting line up of 20 players. Alfredson, Phillips, Fisher and Mcammond have all signed “home town discount” contracts to stay and play in Canada.
    Now I know in your lifetime you’ll probably never see your Laffs go this far, but, 2 years ago Canada’s team was Calgary, last year it was the Oilers…this year its the Ottawa Senators. And I promise day..when David Suzuki is our PM, and, when cars defy gravity and are run on eco friendly raddish oil..and the Laffs are the only Canadian team left in the playoffs…I’ll call them Canada’s team too.

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