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Cheering for the Sens because they’re “from Canada” is a silly reason to do so.

First, A true Leafs fan would NEVER cheer for the Senaturds.

Second, this “Cheer for them because they’re from Canada” stuff is misplaced patriotism. As others have said, the team with the most Canadians playing on it right now is Anaheim.

This is the NHL, not the World Cup or the Olympics.

It’s city-based team vs city-based team… not country vs country.

I’m not particularly fond of Detroit, because their “hockey-town” moniker is WAY overrated, and their fans can be annoying, so I’m obviously hoping that Anaheim gets to the Finals. Regardless who wins the West however, I’ll be cheering against Ottawa vociferously.


12 comments to Cheering for the Sens because they’re “from Canada” is a silly reason to do so.

  • Gayle

    Scott – I know what you mean, and you know what I mean.

    The fans are Canadian – and they live here and cheer here. In fact, sometimes they cheer “there” since the American teams often cannot fill their own arenas, even during the playoffs.

    Actually, if it is the Sens v. Ducks, I might take a trip down to Anaheim and cheer on the Sens :em21:

  • billg

    As a die hard Sens fan let me say this…I dont blame you Scott. I wouldnt cheer for the Laffs if they were in the finals either. Dont get me wrong…I like Sundin, I think Kaberle is top 5 in the league…I just dont and wont cheer for them, and, I think its really silly to ask a Laffs fan to climb on board, now, the only difference is…I’ll probably never have to make that decission. Ziiiing!!

  • Gayle.. it isnt a Canadian team.

    Its Ottawa… they’re the Ottawa Senaturds.. er.. Senators. They play for Ottawa, not Canada.

    Anaheim is “more Canadian” with how many Canadian players they have (BTW, YAY for beating Detroit today!), so if you’re going to use that criteria – you should be cheering for them.

    As I said, I’m anti-Ottawa, so I’ll cheer for anyone who plays against them. I’ll cheer a lot louder for Anaheim however.

  • Gayle

    As an Oilers fan, who, three years ago, was faced with the dilemma of cheering for the Flames, I feel your pain. Last year, however, most of the country cheered for my team, which was pretty neat. Flames fans, however…

    I just want a Canadian team to win the Cup. It comes from years of watching the NHL be diluted by the addition of southern US teams where there is no real fan base (there were almost as many Oilers fans at game 7 in Carlina as there were Canes fans).

    Not only that, but the Sens are a great team. I have been a fan for a while. I am also a fan of the Leafs and Montreal. It is those western Canadian teams that totally suck – except for the Mighty Oil of course.

    PS – Anyone who cheers for Anaheim totally loses all my respect (though it is OK to cheer for Cheechoo). What a bunch of whiners they are.

    (and there is that Pronger thing too :em23: )

  • I used to live in Windsor for a number of years. Imagine being surrounded by Detroit fans AND Leaf fans. Ugh. They’re both insufferable.

    Given my team didn’t even make the playoffs, I’ll take the Sens, but in true Canadian fashion, still feel disappointed, even if they win.

  • Those of us in the “anybody but Toronto” crowd understand your hatred.

  • Scott, this is the kind of drivel I’ve come to expect from a Canada-hating, neo-Liberal communist…

  • If Toronto ever made it the finals, I know I sure as hell wouldn’t be cheering for them. Lucky for me, I haven’t had to worry about that in my lifetime.

  • I respect them for how far they’ve got this year, Darren. I’m still hoping they lose, however… preferably in 4 straight. 🙂

  • I’m not really “cheering for Ottawa” but as I declared today on my blog, the team has certainly earned my respect now.

    I wonder if some people, not all of them, here in Ottawa have a weird complex because my team, Toronto, has been golfing for weeks and blew their chances again this year yet some Ottawa fans still have the Leafs top of mind. Some are just fascinated.

    It’s like Trump’s obsession with Rosie.

    If Ottawa wins, I wonder if the Stanley Cup will spend more time in Buffalo (Muckler’s home) and Barbados (Melnyk’s home) than it will in Ottawa? :em42:

  • DivaRachel

    I agree with Mark G. :em69:

  • I think cheering against the Sens should be grounds for being removed from Prog Blogs 😉

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