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Any other handbooks?

Just a brief question I’ve been pondering: seeing as they went to the trouble of printing up a 200 page handbook on how to disrupt Parliamentary Committees, I wonder what else they’ve printed up for their MP’s and Ministers to read up on- since apparently verbal instruction would get forgotten too easy by this bunch.

Here’s a couple I thought of that Conservative MP’s might have.

“How to give Harper and our Ministers a proper standing ovation in Parliament when they diss the Opposition”

“How to heckle someone during Question Period”

“How to take advantage of Mike Duffy’s show to claim the opposition are ‘Taliban lovers/weak on terror/dont like soldiers’ types without being challenged on it”

The Canada Printing Press must have been pretty busy with this current bunch.


5 comments to Any other handbooks?

  • Louise

    The entry on how to effectively heckle during QP should be written by Marlene Jennings. She consistently demonstrates her skill in this fine art.

    In order to uncover other CPC insidious handbooks, planting a mole in the party should work. :em21:

  • Hey “Undecided Voter”, how about having some guts and admitting you’re really just a conservative? (pardon my skepticism – but anyone who uses “Lieberal” is no undecided voter.. its more like generic Conservative Troll from wingnut BLogging Tory site).

    I’m getting rather tired of Tory supporters whining about “well, the Liberals did other stuff too”… :em61: Stop whining. The “sorta-newish” Conservative government are the ones in power, and they’re the ones printing up handbooks on how to thwart Parliament.

    That’s nothing to do with lying… thats showing utter contempt for democracy.

  • Undecided voter

    And then there is the Liberals little “red” handbook of lies like, GST-gone, Freetrade-gone.
    What – politicians lie – never.
    Remember the politicians prayer, “a promise made is a promise broken.”
    Its no wonder that about 40% of registered voters dont vote.
    And remember that famous Cdn. Lieberal philosopher who once said “Da proof is da proof and when you have da proof, its proven.”

  • Haha. That’s pretty good.

    Don’t forget, “How to Lie Brazenly to the House”.

  • Angelle Desrochers

    I quess the intensive training that the cons recieved in TO a while back did not work out so well. How to deny and assign blame?
    How to register with the pollsters to make the Consertive numbers prevail. How to ask for loose change or panhandle in a suit or fundraisng on the street.

    I keep hearing the pundits say things: like this will all go away, they all need a holiday, five weeks is a long time to rationalise the behaviour somehow.

    On another note, the only reason that Harper took over the file on the Summer Programs is so that his MP’s could go home for this break with a the catch phrase, the check is in the mail.

    The next problems I suspect based of my experience as a small business person is that Revenue Canada has a bigger problem on their hands with that Computer shutdown that occured. My accountant has had to re sumitt a lot of data.

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