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I’ve often said I’m so used to Chantal Hebert of the Star taking shots at Dion, It doesn’t bother me anymore. What I will take note of is when she writes a column that mentions Dion without bashing him. Today’s op-ed by her is such a day.

Harper stands for less action on the environment than most Canadians are craving for and for more military involvement in Afghanistan than public opinion is ready to tolerate. As it happens, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion is on the sunny side of the same equation, at least as far as public opinion is concerned…For better or for worse, it is becoming easier to fathom Dion’s vision than Harper’s. Dion is not the first leader of the opposition to seem more focused than the prime minister he seeks to replace. That was also Harper’s case in the dying days of the last Martin mandate.

Okay, so it’s not exactly lavish praise, but with Chantal, if you’re a Liberal and/or Dion supporter, you take what you can get. Interesting column however about Harper running on empty. I would argue again it would almost have been to the benefit of the Liberals to bring him and his government down now and take our chances with the polls being currently tied, rather then let them have time to regroup.


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  • Bbiilll

    She’s still smarting from the rhetorical ass-kicking Dion gave the separatists a few years back. Dion is the sleeper candidate, for sure.

  • Margaret Bedore

    I was surprised at this article also. The night of the first vote at the convention when Mr. Dion placed ahead of Kennedy, on TV she still couldn’t spit his name out. She was so sure he had no chance. Mr. Dion will grow on the public who is looking for integrity

  • mushroom

    The maxim still exists.

    Governments are not defeated, they fall from power.

    Harper has a summer to retool, otherwise it falls shortly after the throne speech.

    All credible journalists report this. Political insiders and bloggers see this earlier.

  • ” it is becoming easier to fathom Dion’s vision than Harper’s.”

    That’s quite a statement, coming from Hebert, because you know it is admitted grudingly. Just one columnist, although we see this with others, that suggest the tide has turned on Harper.

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