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Admin announcement on Prog Blog – we’re down.. be patient.

Yes.. I am aware the Prog Blog site is giving us errors – the same error we were getting earlier a couple of months ago. I’ve left Saskboy an email, and hopefully he can rectify this in the morning.

This will just mean for a few hours.. I wont be subjected to some of my left-wing affiliates charging that we have “Liberal/liberal bias” at the site. 🙄

We won’t have ANY bias of any kind at the moment til we get back up and running.

[email protected], Sat May 19: We’re back up and running.


2 comments to Admin announcement on Prog Blog – we’re down.. be patient.

  • They could, if they had nothing better to do. I might add that this error is apparently systemwide, and the Liblogs site is down as well (it shares the same server as us, which also apparently is claimed to be proof we have a Liberal bias. Some people can do nothing more then dream up conspiracy theories)

  • Well you know, they could always come over here and claim you have a liberal bias 😉

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