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The Leaking Tories.

This is pretty funny:

Peter Van Loan, the government’s House leader, ignored the demand and continued to insist that the Tories want the minority Parliament to work. He again blamed the opposition parties for its recent dysfunction…But Van Loan’s arguments were weakened by the leak of the manual. The government was so embarrassed and annoyed by the leak, that, according to a source, it ordered all committee chairs to return their copies of the handbook, apparently in a bid to determine who broke confidence.

Nothing like getting caught in the act of deliberately obstructing Parliament/Parliamentary Committees. The more astounding thing is not only do they have a playbook for it – but a 200 page playbook. I wonder how much that cost to print up, and who is footing the tab for it. (Note also the irony of THAT order of trying to find who leaked the document also getting leaked to the media).

This quote by Ralph Goodale is also something that the Tories should be hammered for over and over again:

Goodale said the manual also demonstrates that the government is in the grip of an “obsessive, manipulative mania,” run by a prime minister who has “a kind of control fetish” in which there can’t be “one comma or one sentence or one word uttered without his personal approval.”

I’m curious if they find out who did the leaking whether they’ll have the RCMP drag that person out in handcuffs as well. That ought to be amusing; particularly because it appears to be a Tory staffer or (Gasp) a Committee Chairperson who did the leaking because they thought it to be utter folly to have a handbook on how best to obstruct Parliament. I presume the Tories won’t call them “whistle-blowers” either.


6 comments to The Leaking Tories.

  • sheilabee

    If they find the “leaker” will he/she be “ball and chained” by the Horsemen in Red?

  • Conservatives are such control freaks. Scared of their own bloody shadows. Makes you wonder how they sleep at nite. Heavily medicated, probably.

  • Gayle

    This is funny. Here I was just thinking that the person who leaked it probably made a copy of it because s/he must have known Harper would demand to see everyone’s copy, and then I come across your blog and find out the witch hunt has already started.

  • Did you see Don Martin interviewed on Julie Van Dusen’s piece on your local channel tonight? I don’t know if it was even on all of the local channels but it’ll no doubt be on The National.

    Anyways, Martin was chuckling over the fact that when he showed up on the hill this morning at 8am Conservative staffers were busy plucking all of those binders back from who they gave them all out to. Like your post says, Busted! … and they know it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Van Loan is starting to look a White House Press Secretary.

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