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More examples of Compassionate Conservatism in action

While I’m pleased to see the Ontario government step in with their own funding to allow that autistic kids camp to remain open, this article details some other groups that are being rejected for federal funding – and I think we see a pattern here:

Across Canada, organizations as varied as Fredericton’s sexual assault centre, a Cape Breton baseball program for disabled children and 80 groups in Newfoundland, including museums and parks, had their funding requests rejected, according to opposition parties.

So, the Tories are going after the most disadvantaged in our society.. and they’re whole-scale rejecting applications from Newfoundland – perhaps some payback for Danny Williams bitter complaints against Harper? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

More examples of groups who have long had federal funding now being rejected:

=Yesterday, Marjorie Hiley, executive director of Flemingdon Community Legal Services, said she was “dumbfounded” to learn its funding request had been turned down…The clinic helps low-income residents with legal issues, such as tenants fighting eviction or newcomers with immigration issues.

Low income people and immigrants. Check.

Rev. Colin McCartney, of Urban Promise, is scrambling to ensure the survival of his group’s summer camps in neighbourhoods like Jamestown and Warden Woods after his request to hire nine students was rejected. His organization helps impoverished youth and their families and for the last nine years has hired neighbourhood youth to work as camp counsellors. “We’re working with visible minorities, high-risk youth in high-risk communities with high unemployment,” he said.

Inner city programs as well. Check. All areas and demographics who don’t vote Conservative. So, why should they bother? I’m not surprised at all to see who they’re cutting out of funding.

I do  see the Tories are feeling some heat on this,  and good ole’ Monte Solberg promises that he’ll look into it and try to make sure  to give “worthy groups” funding. The criteria the Tories have for what a “worthy group” is ought to be interesting.


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