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Must be another anarchist on the loose in Baird’s Department

2 leaks from the Environment Ministry in less then a week?

I’d say a few of the public servants aren’t too enamoured with John Baird or the Tory Green Plan.

[email protected];50 AM: As I’ve just said in comments and as Jeff has mentioned here, not only do the Tories now have to worry about just leaks coming from the bureaucracy, apparently they have leaks coming from somewhere on the political side as well, as only an MP or a political staffer should have access to a guideline to Tory chairmen how to ru(i)n their committees.


5 comments to Must be another anarchist on the loose in Baird’s Department

  • Um.. actually Mike.. I wasn’t blaming the anarchists at all.. I was just making fun of Baird :em02:

  • Well, blame the sneaking dirty anarchists all they want, the real issue is that a low level government worker – a temp contractor no less – whose only job was to clip newspapaers and probably had no more than Enhanced security clearance, was able to get a hold of sensitive documents. Given that egrigious breach of long standing security protocols, it could be a anyone from janitor to deputy minister leaking these docs. Hell, it could be Baird himself.

    These kinds of security protocols have been in place for years. Protected B and higher are locked up at all times, only privileged employees and stafferes are even allowed to access the floor or offices where sensitive data lives. In short, the problem is with the way the Department is being run, not because “anarchists” or anyone else untrustorthy works for the government. These protocols are designed so that someone in Monaghan’s position couldn’t get a hold of this kind of information, even if EVERYONE at his level was an anrchist.

    Internal security screwed up, and in this case it looks like on purpose. A few years ago, people that leaked this information were called “whistleblowers” and were the belle’s at the Conservative ball (see Allan Riddel). No that the CPC is the government, now they are criminals.

    Funny huh?

  • Angelle Desrochers

    Maybe we should call this playbook for what it is, a fail hockey player and amateur hocky coach,who grows up to Prime Minister, now gets to have his play book with his rules. This team what to win using any means. As anyone knows in this great game we call hockey, you never let your play book out of you sight. On this note, the Harper Goverment has brought in the all of their farm team players, now what.

  • Prairie Kid: If I were you (a Tory supporter), or if I were the Tories, I’d be less worried about the public servants leaks and more worried that it now appears you’ve got leaks coming from the political side of things – either from an MP or a political staffer.

  • Prairie Kid

    Could Steven Harper have been right when he suggested a year ago that the people in the civil servants would keep them in check? This is a sad reflection of the “entitlement” attitude that’s in place in the civil service. Try doing this in the public sector and see how long you’ll have a job.

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